Why Travel Is The Best Form Of Self-Care

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Traveling offers more than just a physical journey, travelling is an emotional journey, with great benefits to mental health through self-care regimes. Travellers perceive destination searching an opportunity to broaden their horizons, taking time to care for their emotional and physical well-being to feel rejuviated.

As a student or a full-time worker, life stresses can often be overpowering. To the extent no amount of Netflix can remove the underlying guilt of not  going that extra mile despite the need for time out. Removing yourself from the situation entirely with a powerful distraction is often one of the most effective strategies of taking “me time”, especially through the art of travel.

Here are number of reasons why travel is a perfect addition to your self-care regime…

Travel… keeps you present

While travelling, there is very little opportunity to think too much into the past or future. You’re typically busy making wise travel conscious decisions. Consume your mind with thoughts regards your trip, go with the flow of life for the duration of your travels. Escaping consumption of the world’s fast-pace, you’ll form a deeper connection with the people and places around you. Allocate some time to sit down and let your mind wander, people-watch or admire your sourroundings.

Travel… broadens the mind

Seeing new sights, meeting new people and learning new things all stimulate mental growth. Broadening the mind with new experiences provide new perspectives on life. Allowing the opportunity to see your personal life from a new angle with a new level of appreciation for all the little things.  

Travel… improves self-awareness 

Seeing how other people around the world are living their life makes you increasingly more aware of your own life. Recognise what direction you are heading, set new goals, recognise accomplishments and get a good grasp on your own life. It’s extremely refreshing to be in touch with your personal life, to know what direction you are heading and see life pan out before your eyes. 

Travel… offers a digital detox 

5hrs + screen time each day can become a damaging reality of daily life. Scrolling social media seeing ‘perfect lives’ all the time can be detrimental on your self-esteem. Putting your phone down and admiring the sights and sounds of your surroundings, you realise there is more to life outside of the phone screen. Enabling free time to work on your self-care. Your own life experiences are more valuable than the manipulated highlight reel of others’. Your phone will be available to access at a later date, it’s not every day you’ll see the wonderful sights you are seeing on your travels. 

Travel… allows time to embrace change

Travel forces you to take time out of your daily routine, adding new adventures and outcomes. If change heightens you emotions, travel provides the best opportunity to harvest these emotions. Being in a new country (albeit daunting) provides you with only one option but to embrace the simple changes e.g. currency, language, weather, location. The more exposure to change, the more you’ll learn how to deal with the concept. Travel enables opportunities for self-building as well as self-care.

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Travel… sparks inspiration and creativity

The experiences you encounter while travelling enable you to build on your experiences. If you find yourself a creative soul, cultural and historical insights from your travels will flow though your veins, into your creativity. Travelling allows time to re-charge your batteries and re-ignite your imagination. If you’re a creative writer, artist or singer you’ll come home feeling inspired.

Take a listen to Gemma Thompson’s enlightening podcast with guest Efia Sulter, discussing the mental health benefits of solo travel.

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  1. I do miss travelling so much, and getting to experience new things! I also agree that travelling really does help broaden the mind through those experiences 😊

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

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      It definitely does!

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