What Kind Of Traveller Are You?

Travellers stood outside monument

The word “traveller” has various definitions, some people see it as an opportunity to get the best pictures for the ‘gram, while others see it as an opportunity to experience the local culture. Identifying your travel style has more benefits than you know.

Who you decide to travel with could make or break your trip… so choose wisely! We all have differing travel preferences, therefore it’s vital to establish these before travelling with someone who hates everything you love! Decide if you’d rather spend the day exploring monuments, paragliding or having a photoshoot! 

Which of these 10 traveller personalities best suit you? 

Don’t be alarmed if there are more than one that suits your travelling style, this is often dependent on the style of trip we are on. Think back to your previous trips or imagine yourself on your dream trip.

The Backpacker

​​​​​​​Grab a rucksack and they’re off. No destination in mind? Don’t worry, it’s the joy of the unknown that keeps them going. Living in the same 4 outfits? It’s just part of the lifestyle. Often travelling on a small budget and staying in hostels, they’re here for some serious sight-seeing – don’t get in their way!

Back Packers walking in a row

The Thrill Seeker

They always go the extra mile to make their trip one to remember. Climbing the highest mountain or sailing the deepest of seas, they’ll be seeking the most adrenaline filled activity within a 30 mile radius. No trip is complete without a near death experience for the thrill seekers.

Skydivers jumping out of plane

The Lone Wolf

A desire to free-will travel the world, this is often the most freeing experience. An opportunity to learn more about themselves and meet like-minded individuals doing everything at their own pace. Often use travel as an excuse to escape reality and those surrounding them, opting to bask in their own solitude.

Traveller lugging suitcase up steps

The Bucket List Traveller 

Have a strong desire to travel every famous city and see every famous monument. Also referred to as the sheep, they like what every other traveller likes. Often turning to google’s top recommendations for their travel planning, too cautious to travel off the beaten track. They plan everything in advance and know exactly what they are going to see, where they are going to eat and what outfits they are going to wear.

Avid female traveller pinning a pin on a map on wall
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The Social Media Star 

They travel some amazing sights, capturing amazing photos to share on their Instagram page. They well and truly “do it for the ‘gram”, creating a travel portfolio. Admittedly, these photos often turn out incredible, giving everyone the travel bug and creating great memories to look back on. However, it’s questionable how much they actually appreciate being in the moment on top of an incredibly powerful waterfall. Their followers probably appreciate it more!

Male traveller moving in a circular motion with various countries as the backdrop

The Weekender 

Makes the most of travelling to lots of places for short periods of time – usually on the weekend. A bank holiday is a god send to these kind of travellers. You’ll find they always have a holiday booked and can’t wait to tell you all about their plans. Their destinations are most commonly popular European cities. 

Female traveller taking photo of Roman Colosseum

The Collector 

They can’t go anywhere without visiting every souvenir shop, buying all the labelled merchandise. Postcards, keyrings, t-shirts, shot glasses, mugs, posters, bracelets, towels… you name it they’ve got it. They purposely leave plenty of space in their luggage to transport their collection of souvenirs home.

Postcards being shown by hand of a traveller

The Foodie

Everything is planned around food, they are constantly planning where and when they are next going to eat. Super eager to try the local dishes, visit every street food market and farmers market to smell and taste all the local delicacies. Don’t upset the foodie!

A selection of Italian Pasta from traveller

The Planner 

Everything is well and truly planned to a T. Approximatley 6 months in advance, they’re planning the ins and outs of their trip. Daily itineraries are devised with pricing of every single monument, bus timetables are printed off, alongside all helpful (yet unnecessary) travel details.

Flicking through travel scrapbook

The Party Animal 

They went on one holiday night out back in the day and since then they look forward to a week-long boozy break once a year. New announcement of a European festival? You bet their flights are booked T-2 hours later. The party animal is usually known as the party animals, travelling in large groups with their friends. 

Crowd of people at a festival

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