What A Great Road Trip Car Should Have

Planning your next road trip? As easy it is to decide your location, a decent car is the ultimate must-have. You don’t want an old, untrustworthy banger, you need a car that you can rely on getting you from A-B without being on the back of a tow truck for 8 hours. Therefore the car you’ll be driving for hundreds of miles is just as important as the destinations you’re driving to. And just like your chosen sights and attractions, you’re going to want a car that excites you. Far too often, people get the cheapest car possible just so they can focus on the holiday itself. But actually, you’ll be spending the majority of your time in the car, on the road and in traffic. So you better have a car that you won’t get bored so quickly and is generally, a nice place to be.

There are other qualities a good road trip cars must have too, such as great fuel economy. You don’t want to empty your pockets by the time you arrive at the next stop. Equally, you want a car that has amazing technology so you can find your way in a strange, strange land. These are the things that all great road trip cars will have.

In the dash

You could buy all sorts of after-market navigational equipment if you wanted to. However, some cars just have excellent technology on their dashboard. Ford has used SYNC 2 for a long time but the SYNC 3 update has just come online too. It has large icons and touchscreen buttons to make quick adjustments to your route if needed. However, the colors are a little faint and the overall detail leaves something to be desired. The AIMTOM system is far more nuanced and provides better pixel quality and more advanced controls. So a Ford Fusion is something you may wish to consider for a family road trip car. The sedan is quite spacious and offers a 5-door long-wheelbase set up. The engine options are all good for fuel economy conscious drivers and since it’s a car that sells a lot, it’s quite cheap to rent or buy.

Smooth sailing

Of course, any car you’re going to be driving hundreds if not over a thousand miles in, needs to be comfortable. It needs to handle the bumps with ease, it has to be willing to go through twisty roads and not slosh around and most of all provide a smooth sailing experience with minimal road and wind noise. For that, you may need to look at the New Mercedes-Benz and smart Cars. The C-lass especially is amazing for families that don’t mind paying for high-quality. It’s recommended that you go for the hybrid cars that have amazing turbo-charged small displacement engines and electric battery power units for maximum fuel economy. Mercedes suspension design is one of the best in the world, so long hours on the road will be made more comfortable in something like a C-lass model.

It must be fun

The road trip has to be fun for the driver as well as passengers so a car that is nifty and sharp in handling has to be high up the list. That’s why modern crossovers like the Mazda CX-5 is definitely going to satisfy your sporty craving while on the road for many days. 

The best road car will be one that provides ample usable technology so you can find your way through alien unfamiliar cities. You should also consider ride comfort so you can bear to stay in the car for multiple hours at a time.

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