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I’ll say this now, I am no true YouTuber, I don’t post regularly and I don’t have 45k+ subscribers, I don’t drive an Audi either, but I do have content on there that I love and I’m incredibly proud of. Arguably my channel has gone stale recently, since I don’t upload regularly, although I am hoping to bring it back with at least three travel videos this Summer! Quite a few of these were for educational assignment purposes, but I love sharing my work for other people to watch once i’ve completed them, and My YouTube Channel is the place that they get shared.  Here’s a talk through of some of the video I have created and published on my channel.

I’m going to start off with my ultimate favourite video. Although this video is super bitter sweet for my own personal viewing, I so happy with how this video turned out. This was one of the submission pieces for my A-level Media Studies Coursework in Year 13 that was graded an A*. It takes on the role of being a shocking anti-smoking advert for a social media campaign that I developed surrounding the negative effects of smoking, using my Grandma as a perfect example and her life suffering COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). My Grandma passed away not long after this video was filmed so it is extremely raw and holds a lot more of a stronger meaning towards me and my family now.

During my Media Studies A-level in Year 12, I created a magazine, cooking show and cooking tutorial. Including this video that seems to have blown up on YouTube for some odd reason. Looking at it now a few years down the line I can see many faults that doesn’t justify 27k views, but hey, people must like my chicken curry!

Since going on to study Media at University I’ve had the opportunity to create more videos. These were both created during Semester 1 of my studies for a December deadline (hence the Christmas music and theme in the cooking tutorial). The Red Velvet and Oreo Trifle Tutorial was super fun to film and experiment with tripods, light boxes and backdrops.
Whereas the second video ‘LOST – A Short Film’ was a bit more out of my comfort zone, thankfully it was group work. But none of us had done narrative production, directing or shooting before hand so it was a complete experiment that was fun to film.

I’ve posted a few videos for my own creativity purposes such as this DIY Lighthouse tutorial, getting crazy in the garden and turning it into a video too. I got the video vibe from the viral DIY FaceBook videos. The University room tour was created slightly for my own purpose because i’d love to look back at my first Uni room in years to come. But I also thought it might help any new students who are looking for ways to decorate their rooms and make them feel homely – I needed this when I was packing for University!

A bit like the previous video, I have filmed my holidays over the last few years as a means of remembering and capturing moments more than a picture or your memories do. When I re-watch my holiday videos it reminds me of all the things I did and memories I made. Someone may find them entertaining other than me, but who knows🤷🏼‍♀️ haha.

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  1. John Aiwone says:

    You’ve got really good content on there. I produced an opening sequence short-film too for A-Levels in Media studies so ended up liking the short film the most. The way the characters conveyed the fact of being lost without a single line of dialogue was very impressive.
    All the best with getting your YouTube channel back on track!
    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  2. I subscribed! My channel is “Nicole’s Niches” ❤️

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