Wanderlust… 8 Ways To Satisfy Your Desire To Travel

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Wanderlust takes us everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time. Are you itching to travel? Is obstacle after obstacle getting in your way?

We’ve all been there and it’s the most frustrating thing not being able to get up and go. Whether you’re inundated with University deadlines, there’s a global pandemic or you can barely afford your bus ride into town and your desire to travel the world keeps playing on your mind. You’re experiencing something called wanderlust….

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Wanderlust is the greatest and the worst feeling all in one. You become consumed by the idea of travelling, which is great… until your bank account can’t afford to keep up. 

Instagram is a constant reminder of places we haven’t travelled to and often that makes us sad and feel wanderlust give us a big kick in the heart. Don’t be disheartened by your inability to travel far, your wanderlust can take you to many amazing places and that can be right on your doorstep or even in your own home! 

Here’s 8 ways to satisfy your wanderlust while you can’t travel, and in the meantime you can be saving up for your next great adventure…

Read Travel Blogs

Reading other peoples travel blogs or spending an afternoon watching travel vlogs helps take your mind off the fact you’re probably sat at home with an incomplete Uni assignment open in the next tab. Travel videos temporarily transport you to the travel destination making you feel as though you are in that dream destination without actually spending a penny to get there!

Relive Your Old Trips

This is a perfect activity on any rainy Sunday, but especially if you’re really wishing you were somewhere else. As much as it gives you holiday blues, it also brings back happy memories and a sense of accomplishment seeing everywhere that you’ve already travelled. While you’re reliving your old trips it might be a nice idea to invest your time into creating a scrap book with all your travel photos, post cards, tickets etc. 

Plan Your Next Trip

Bounce off your wanderlust to plan your next trip. Making travel plans is the perfect way to get excited about the prospects of travelling. Whether you’re dreaming of travelling solo or with a group of friends, it could be worth checking out these Stress-Free Tips For Planning A Group Trip. Whether they be plans for travel this year or adding places to your bucket list, you’ll be enriching your knowledge of the traveller world while satisfying you wanderlust needs. 

Go On A Day Trip

Wake up early, pack a bag full of snacks and hit the road. The excitement of a heading out on a day trip is enough to satisfy your wanderlust (short-term), the excitement of going on an adventure and arriving at a destination is the same as if you were travelling half-way across the world. Visit your nearest beach, a monument you’ve always wanted to see or spend a day in the city you’ve never seen.

Be A Tourist In Your Home Town

Your wanderlust doesn’t have to take you far, dust off your tourist cap and explore your hometown. We often spend all our time trying to get out of town and take our surroundings for granted. You’ll see your town differently when you’re exploring the area though the eyes of a tourist, you’ll develop more appreciation for the beautiful area you live in – someone somewhere is wishing to visit where you are right now! 

Go Camping

… or glamping if that’s something you’d prefer. Camping is a cost-effective method of getting out the house, exploring new surroundings and spending the night somewhere different. You don’t have to travel far to find somewhere to camp, even if you decide it would be fun to camp in your garden one night!

Do Something Fun & Exciting

Your desire to explore doesn’t have to be at ground level. Let it take you to extreme heights and with something fun and exciting heightening your adrenaline. Take on a new activity such as paragliding, abseiling, high ropes, or rock climbing. If you prefer to keep your two feet on steady ground think about activities like go-karting, paint-balling, hiking or quad-biking.

Go To A Street Food Market

If you’re a lover of cultural cuisine, sniff out your local street food market for a plethora of delicious food. I’m sure nobody could turn down this tip, wanderlust or not… who wouldn’t want to devour a polish delicacy? Alternatively, visit a local farmers market and purchase ingredients to make your favourite European dish at home!

Please note: This blog was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore please consult government guidelines before completing some of these recommendations.

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