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Venetian Secrets and Hidden Treasures

VEINCE, VENICE, VENICE. Oh how we all dream of being jetted off to the city of love. As much as we believe the city is absolutely gorgeous (which it is, don’t get me wrong) there are also some absolutely shocker secrets the travel agents don’t tell you.

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit this gorgeous city, believe it or not… not with the man of my dreams (maybe one day), but with my family. Venice is so unique and beautiful, from the fact there are no cars or roads in sight, the deliciousness of the true Italian pizza, the aesthetic quaint lanes, glistening canal water and street musicians to the insane amount of pigeons in St. Mark’s Square.
There’s something so insanely peaceful about bobbing along the canals in a gondola that you forget everything else in the world and enjoy cruising along doing what us Brits do best – people watching. You feel a sense of royalty, knowing it’s your turn to ride on the gondola and be pointed at by other tourists in awe awaiting their turn. Especially since you’ve had to empty your purse of euros to afford the 30-minute gondola ride in the first place!
Some of the not so romantic hidden secrets of Venice include the fact there is a vast amount of graffiti (some would call ‘wall art’), the prices of bars/ restaurants in St. Mark’s Square are enough to make you bankrupt, especially if you want to try the traditional neon orange beverage, Spritz, (which is gross anyway), depending on the time of year you visit, the canal can give off quite a smell. Looking beyond these, it is nothing out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t get in the glorious heart of England.
No two streets are the same in Venice, there’s a crazy mix between tranquillity and hustle and bustle. It’s so beautiful being surrounded by canals, bridges and pizzerias wherever you look. But it’s not quite as nice being pestered to buy selfie sticks or being given roses. As sweet as it is, I’d rather not pay 25 euros for a singular rose after breathing on it, thank you very much!
Since Venice is such an old city, the cheapest of hotels are a little worse for wear. This isn’t a massive issue since there’s so much to do and see in little old Venice, you’ll not be fussed how pretty the walls are when all you want to do is sleep! Trying not to make the window shutters fall off while getting some fresh air is all part of the fun and games being taken back in 400 A.D.
Looking past the stinks of Venice, it is an uttermost gorgeous, romantic city. Whether you visit Venice with your love or looking for your love, you will come back in love with Venice itself.

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  1. Omg I loved Venice. I arrived during a blanket snow storm in Europe and it was so quiet there that I felt like we were the only ones there. It was magical!

    1. katielauren says:

      That sounds amazing!!

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve been wanting to visit Venice so it’s great to read someone’s opinion!

    1. katielauren says:

      Although I talk about the negatives here, it is honestly one of my favourite places!

  3. Lol too funny. I’ve never been but my hubby has said it stinks too but I still want to go. Not too many are willing to share the bad part of tourism!

    1. katielauren says:

      It’s ironic because it’s one of the places I’d jump at the opportunity to return to!

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