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We get so wound up in our own lives… our own stress and worries. We forget other people around the world feel these emotions too, likewise we have our own achievements and we forget other’s achievements. It puts into perspective how powerful we as a generation are and almost minimises our individual worries and problems knowing there are so many people out there also going about their daily life too, you’re less alone than you think even though you may be miles apart. It’s a crazy concept to me that there are so many people across the world and we all go about our daily life in different ways.

It’s important that our generation are aware of each other, our cultures and differences around the world, outside of the ‘internet space’ (ironic that this is an online blog, I know). The internet connects the world closer than ever, but it also shrinks the world. We only see what people want us to see.
I thought it would be an interesting project to connect people from across the world for the purpose of this blog post, each sharing a snippet of their day.

Katie (Nottingham, UK): “Quality time spent catching up with my friends while enjoying the stunning sunset and appreciating the local countryside.”

Huda (Dubai, United Arab Emirates): “Sat on my bed working on some new blogpost ideas whilst munching on my chocolate chip banana bread and sipping my peppermint tea!”

Osi (London, UK): “After a long tedious day at work, I come home to the workload of engineering. Long road ahead but only 2 years to go. Apprenticeship really don’t live the life but hey we’re studying and earning so that’s good.”

Mimi (Southern Oklahoma): “My typical day consists of having a cup of tea in the morning and then taking care of my blog & SM!”

Laura (South of France): “Today, I revised my history and philosophy as it is Bank holiday here.
I also took care of myself a bit by reading and watching my favorite TV Shows. “

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Zenobia Kapadia (Mumbai, India): “Since I work full time during the week I keep my weekends primarily for my blog and to relax. A typical saturday would be sleeping in, working on my blog and a bit of lazy relaxing.”

Jas_Jet Set with Jas
Jas (London, UK): “Wake, Walk dog, Juggle 9-5 job with writing, Research opportunities/content, Write, shoot, edit, Sleep, REPEAT!”

Joshua (Krems, Austria) “Being a nature lover for my heart adapts to small student town of krems, for where live in. I am totally fine not finding a job, spending less time with my class-mates since they are city-lovers and lack of entertainment. But that gives you the mind to create your own adventure and form your source of entertainment.”

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Sophie (London, UK): “I’m at university studying Astrophysics so my days are focused on that, wishing that the summer holidays would come sooner.”

Kirsty (Sydney, Australia): “My day consists of sipping green tea, cuddling my cat, catching up on vlogs uploaded while I was sleeping all in the comfort of my bed :)”

Janita (Manitoba, Canada):  “As a momma, we spend our day playing (inside and outside) and bonding.  Our favourite time is when daddy is home! We love the park and walks!”

Marta Z. Skeledzija (Nova Gradiska, Croatia): “My day starts with a bike ride and ends with one. The beginning and the end are the same.”

Emma (New Forest, Hampshire): “Spending my day down by the waterfront taking in the sea air and relaxing to the sound of waves & widlife.”

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Sammy Green (Aberdeen, Scotland): “In Aberdeen you can easily escape the busy city in beautiful places like this!”

Catherine (Toronto, Canada): “Enjoying vegan desserts and lattes from Sorelle & Co. with my best friend —one of my favourite cafes in the city!”

Marie Simeon (Baltimore, Maryland): “Fixing my relationship with God to have a better spiritual life and be healed.”

Grace Scott (Brighton, England): “A long day at work means heading home to a beer!”

Chiara (New York, USA): “This is what my everyday looks like. I’m so blessed that I get to enjoy every experience of my life with my best friend.”


Remember, you are not alone in this crazy big world.

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