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Travel With Me |The Amalfi Coast, ITALY

Having just come back from a week in Sunny Italy travelling along the Amalfi Coast, it is well and truly hard to get back into the swing of things. I’m still in the mood to sit by the pool sipping cocktails, but instead I’m back in England and back on the grind. In the attempt to drag out my holiday bubble a little longer, I’ve been looking through my holiday pictures and videos, although I’m not sure if this is just giving me the holiday blues. That being said, having took a ridiculous amount of photos I thought i’d share some of them so you can: A) see how gorgeous the Southern Italian Coast is, B) see what i’ve been up to, and C) join me in my holiday bubble.

Vico Equense – Vico is a tiny town that was closest to where our hotel was. It had beautiful views over the bay, plenty of restaurants and mini supermarkets. This town was slightly less touristy and quieter than the other towns but this made it feel like you were experiencing more of traditional Italy. The central square was great for bar/restaurant hopping and watching the England match with a nice atmosphere.


Pompeii – A must do when passing along the Amalfi Coast. Almost everywhere along the cost, you get views of Mount Vesuvius. The Volcano well-know for covering the Roman City, Pompeii in 79AD. Pompeii now stands as a preserved site with Roman ruins and human casts. This creates for such a bitter-sweet day out, it’s truly incredible to see how powerful the city once was, but also heartbreaking to see the plaster casts of adults, children and animals that were buried alive and preserved by the ash of this horrific event.


Sorrento – A much busier town with plenty of tourists, plenty of shops and plenty of fresh fruit, lemons and limoncello all lining the quaint lanes of old town Sorrento. With the occasional birds eye viewing points of the beautiful beaches with sun loungers along the piers, perfect to sit and look at while treating yourself to some Italian geleto. A visit to Port of Marina Grande (Ariana Grande as we called it) and you’ll find a picturesque fishing village, despite being flooded by tourists, it’s one of the most original areas of Sorrento.


Naples –  A city better known for the architecture including Royal Palace, Castel Dell’Ovo,  Castel Nuovo with a shopping street running straight through the centre of the city. Let’s not forget Naples is the perfect place to sit down and have a pizza, embracing the traditional Neapolitan pizza from Napoli itself.


Capri – Truly stunning island just a short ferry ride from Sorrento, home to some incredible scenery of the Amalfi Coast, designer shops and gorgeous beaches. My favourite place of the trip, the locals and tourists here were all super friendly, the streets were clean, the buildings were well-kept and all the taxis were convertible. I imagine this island is a life of luxury.


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