Top Lazy Gen Online Stores

Since we’ve become a generation that want things by the click of a button and we now have plenty of online stores we can shop at within the comfort of our own four walls, sofa and pjs. Here’s some of my favourites:

ASOS – Evidently we’d see ASOS on this list, I think it’s great that you can shop a variety of brands on one site. With loads of deals and cheaper branded clothes it acts ike an online outlet store in my opinion. I personally think the clothes can be a bit pricey on ASOS but it’s perfect for shoes, bags or jewellery!
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Pretty Little Thing – I feel like PLT has took over the internet recently, so many influencers are wearing PLT clothing and adverts for PLT are everywhere, everyone is always talking about ‘Pretty Little Thing’. Although it is very much a hype, it is a great hype the clothes are as gorgeous as those on ASOS but about half the price. I’m still shocked that BooHoo is the parent organisation for PLT.
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BooHoo On the topic of BooHoo, we can’t forget our old favourite! Like all the others, BooHoo is great for cheap but quality clothing. I’ve bought some gorgeous items from BooHoo in the past and they’ve been a staple item in my wardrobe for a long time now! I think credit is due for the amount of offers they do on next day delivery since some online shops charge you anything from £3.99 up which is ridiculous in my opinion.
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Nasty Gal – This is a fairly new one that i’ve started shopping on, but they do the best slogan tees. Such a huge variety and the slogans are so current and relatable in society, it’s like they know the way to a meme Queen’s heart. Other items are equally as gorgeous.
Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 15.08.58Miss Pap When I found out that Miss Pap have a Living Wage Wardrobe I had so much respect for them. It’s perfect for those who love shopping but don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes, especially students like myself. The items in this section aren’t basic and awful either, there’s some super cute stuff – and a variety of it too!
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Romwe – This is a bit of a hit and miss site. I love how insanely cheap the items are on Romwe but it’s a given that not all of them come with the best quality material which is a downside to shopping on the internet! But I have found some absolutely gorgeous co-ords and bikinis on Romwe that i’m excited to get my hands on!
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  1. Romwe is a fun shopping experience but i really wouldnt shop there like i do the others, to me its like a one off shopping experience! I love Asos a lot and im always on there, PLT is a bit hit & miss in terms of the style they have it’s usually all very daring short skirts of low-cut tops haha, i’ve never shopped on Miss pap or nasty gal and boohoo is alright but i hate the design of the website!

    1. katielauren says:

      I’d definitely give Miss Pap a go! Especially the living wage bit, you’ll be surprised by some of the stuff they have on there x

  2. John Aiwone says:

    Asos and Boohoo are my go-to shopping outlets nowadays as almost everywhere is out of my price range. I was wondering if you knew of more unisex online stores apart from the obvious ones like Asos and Boohoo? Cheers!
    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

    1. katielauren says:

      Oo I’m not entirely sure! I feel like a lot of them do have male options too, tbf it’s quite bad if they don’t they’re just reducing their own popularity and sales!

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