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Top 4 WordPress Plugins to Enhance your Blog Branding

Building a brand identity is not an easy task. All of your branding elements such as logo, fonts. designs, social media and imagery have to come together to develop your overall well-defined brand. Therefore it’s vital to dedicate plenty of time into branding, to ensure you’re entirely happy with your overall branding before publication. Likewise, it’s important to ensure your branding is reflective on the content you are planning to produce and your personality. Branding enables audiences to identify your blog from the smallest association e.g. colour, logo or font.

Here are 4 must-have WordPress plugins that help to enhance your blog branding through design, making your site unique and engaging for audiences to interact with:

Fontsy is the must have plugin for personalising your blog, allowing you to choose from a range of stunning fonts from their free web library. Alternatively, you can import your own web fonts if there’s one in particular that suits your brand.

This WordPress font plugin is the perfect way to brand your blog making it beautiful and unique so that it stands out from the crowd. Your brand fonts should:

  • Be unique & memorable
  • Work on every platform
  • Communicate your brand personality

With Fontsy you can ensure your branding is on point and clearly communicates your brand story. There are font packages available to give you an idea of the styles of fonts that work well together to formulate your branding.

Wordpress Plugin page displaying Fontsy - wordpress font plugin. Beneficial for your blog branding.

Blog Designer – Post and Widget

Now you’ve perfected your fonts, it’s important for the branding to be consistent throughout the website. You need to ensure you either use a blog template or designer plugin to create a website that is on-brand.

Blog Designer – Post and Widget WordPress Plugin makes your blogs look fancy. The plugin enables blog posts to slide and display in a fancy way to gain maximum attraction for your readers / viewers. This is a quick and easy way to enhance the display of your content in a way that is visually appealing and on brand.

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Colorful Categories

The Colourful Categories WordPress Plugin enables on brand colour coordination. If you use the categories widget on your blog site, this plugin allows you to easily adapt the colours of these categories. This can be personalised to your consistent colour branding. This will make you blog site look consistent and brighten up your feed – in a professional style. All colours are stored as term meta variables.

Plugin features include:

  • custom taxonomies support
  • manually customize colours for each category
  • intelligent (automatic) colours selection
  • different themes
  • easy to customize
  • responsive and flexible widget
Example editing dashboard featuring WordPress plugin colourful categories

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Your branding extends further than your personal domain, all the content you produce has to be on brand, this includes social media. Having perfectly on brand social media content, makes the perfect addition to your blog site. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin is a great way to cross-over your branding and self-promote your accounts.

You want your audience feel a desire to engage with you across multiple platforms, in the mind that your content will be consistently on brand.

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  1. Michael Amaral says:

    It’s a fabulous collection, some of these plugins I personally used.
    You can also add a Blog Designer WordPress plugin. This plugin is tested with its latest features and has proven to work quite well to enhance the blogs. It has plenty of features that can make your blog effectively better.

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