Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

People who assume blogging is “just writing on the Internet” could not be more wrong. There is a whole world behind ‘blogging’, it’s a much bigger concept than people understand. Blogging involves creativity, dedication and self-motivation.
It is easy enough choosing a host (i.e. WordPress or Wix) and creating a site, you can make it look pretty, you can link all your socials. As important as it is to have a pretty site that you’re proud of, it’s equally important that the content is up to the same standards. Here are some tips I wish I had known when I started out blogging.

  • BE DEDICATED. You have to dedicate time to your blog, put in your hard work. When you’re dedicated to your posts you will create the best content you possibly can, and in turn readers will engage with your content and want more.
  • BE CREATIVE. Blogging is a great platform allowing you to be as creative as you want, although some free host sites may restrict certain things, be creative and figure a way around something, if you have a vision, make that vision. If you have a post idea, write that post idea. It’s your little space on the internet, be as creative as you want.
  • BE UNIQUE. It’s so easy to get caught into the trap of creating content that other bloggers have created in order to reach readers. Readers are only looking for one thing in a blogger, their personality. If you have a quirky blog post or blog page, you will engage readers without having to follow the crowds, be different.
  • BE HONEST. If you write about things that are not true to you, people will be able to tell, your writing style will differ and it won’t be as engaging or interning for your viewers to read. People seek bloggers for their honesty in product reviews, life events, and advice, they don’t want fake information, they won’t be able to relate and trust you.
  • BE INTERACTIVE. Engaging with your readers on and off your blog helps you build relationships with your readers, you grow as a community. It’s also a great way to help grow your blog by posting things your readers have recommended and a way to promote your blog further.
  • BE A FRIEND. Readers wanting to relate to bloggers look for their honesty and friendliness, if your blog page is overly factual it’s like being friends with Wikipedia, helpful for information but lacks personality, write in a personal tone. Your tone can be as personal as you wish, find a balance and stick to it and your readers will see you as more of a friend than a blogger.

The Internet and blogging can be an incredible community if it’s built correctly, use your little bit of internet space to your advantage and make it count.
Best of luck to any new bloggers, I am more than happy to have a chat with anyone wanting advice, you can contact me on my socials!

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  1. I actually love all of these points so much, more specifically the last one about being a friend! There’s nothing i appreciated more when i was a new blogger was all the love and support i got from people on Twitter, now i make sure i do the same with new bloggers!

    1. katielauren says:

      Yes definitely! It’s so nice building a community that help each other out x

  2. New blogger here… LOVE reading your recommendations about how to get started!

    1. katielauren says:

      Thank you! I hope it has helped you!!x

  3. Great tips! Being interactive is such a big thing in the blogging community. It’s like if you want likes and comments on your posts , you need to be willing to return the gesture.

    1. katielauren says:

      100%, especially if you want to build up a relationship with the people reading your content!

  4. Brilliant tips! I agree with them all, very useful for new bloggers X
    Elise //

    1. katielauren says:

      You’re welcome x

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