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Six months into my first year living the typical student life I uploaded a ‘Student Meals | My Top Five‘ blog post whereby I shared some of the simple meals I cooked religiously. Within the last three months of the Uni year I decided to be more adventurous with my meals, not too much as you can see – I’m still not Master Chef level (maybe next year😉). However, these are some ideal budget meals providing you with a bit more variation than super noodles and pasta!

Pork Chops with Mashed Potato and tenderstem Broccoli – Let’s talk about tenderstem broccoli for a second, I honestly think it’s the best way to make any typical meal look gourmet. There’s something about it that makes the food on your plate less like failure of a pile on carvery and more like your mum’s amazing Sunday Roast😍. The even better bit is that it’s so easy to cook too! As for the meat and mash you can either by smash if you’re super lazy or make your own mash and whack a pork chop under the grill. I have however, definitely failed my application to Master Chef with this lumpy gravy, apologies.



Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice –  This meal is for one of them days you REALLY want a Chinese Take Away but your overdraft begs to differ. Although it is not the same and never will compete with Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, it’s enough and still tastes delicious! Simply cook chicken chunks, mix with some chopped baby corn and sugar snap peas with the chicken and a sweet and sour sauce sachet (Aldi), once everything is cooked add it onto of some rice, simple! IMG_4297


Chicken Ceaser Salad – You could say this is a simpler healthier option, if you take away the cheese… but that’s the best bit so we’ll stick with it! This is such a great meal where you can chuck a few ingredients together and not go wrong. The ingredients I use include: thin slices of the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese from Aldi, Ceaser dressing, and a fresh leaf salad, another nice addition to this salad are some delicious croutons, YUM😍.



Homemade Chicken Burritos –  You can pretend you’re a burrito master with these super simple burritos. All you need to do is mix together rice and chicken pieces (once cooked) along with any other filling such as beans, peppers, etc. and any sauce you want. Place the filling in a wrap and get down to burrito business, fold the wrap and cover with foil around the base to keep the wrap held together, avoid creating more washing up and make it look like it’s fresh out of Barburrito.

Bon appétit! (Bone-Apple-Tea)

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  1. Katelyn Boucher says:

    My roommate and I also have some go to options for days where we work and go to night class. Wraps are definitely a good option!

    1. Definitely, always want the super super quick and easy options too!

  2. pixieskies says:

    Definitely going to steal some of these, the burritos look so good!

    Megan //

    1. They taste as good as they look!😍

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