Stress-Free Tips For Planning An Amazing Group Trip

Anyone that has tried to plan a group trip understands how extremely difficult it can be. There are so many schedules to work with, everyone has in their mind what they want to do on this trip and everyone may not be working on the same timelines making it hard to lock in accommodations in time. How stressful! Whether you want to plan a girls’ trip with some of your best girlfriends or you want to connect with some of your old school friends, here are some stress-free tips to help you plan the perfect group trip.

Pick A Leader

Dealing with everyone’s schedules can be taxing. To alleviate some of the stress of planning and to ensure everyone is kept accountable, appoint someone, or a small group of people, to handle the planning of the trip. This person would know the ins and outs of the planning process. This person knows what needs to be done next and when. They can be in charge of researching and gathering information and sharing it with the group. If that is too much for that one person, maybe different people can be in charge of planning different aspects of the trip.

Agree On The Budget

Figure out the budget as a group and stick to it. Determine how payments for the trip is going to be handled. Is one person or two people going to front the cost of accommodations to lock in the spot and everyone else will reimburse them at a later date? Is everyone going to split every bill down the middle? Talk about that and agree on a tactic as a group. This ensures that there are not any surprises about how expenses are paid for while planning the trip and once everyone gets there.

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Book The Flight First

Once you have locked down the travel plans and you know exactly who is going, book the flights. It may seem counterintuitive, but booking the flight first ensures your entire group will get there at the same time. This makes it easier to further plan the rest of the trip upon knowing when everyone will get there. Not only will this make the planning part easier, but there is also a greater chance of saving money on airfare by booking a few months in advance from the planned trip.

Do Alternative Accommodation

Booking a hotel for a group trip could be more costly. Consider other accommodation options and come to an agreement as a group. Look for an apartment in Marbella for rent, if that is your destination, or look for an apartment to rent where your destination may be. Renting an apartment for the duration of your stay could allow your group to cook meals together without having to spend too much money. Another option is renting out a home. Both options can be more affordable than staying at a hotel with a group.

These tips can hopefully take the stress out of planning an amazing trip for your group of friends.

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