Reykjavík, Iceland | Day 5 & 6

Our final day to embrace the Icelandic culture and make even more incredible memories. The final day of any trip is always bitter sweet, you make the most of every opportunity while feeling sad that it’s all going to be over within the next 24 hours. Some would say, that’s the point you turn into a travel bug, eager to get out and travel to the next country.

Friday 25th January (Day 5)

Despite already exploring most of Reykjavík on our own, we had an organised walking tour of the city and I’m so glad we did! Our tour guide had such great knowledge that we found so interesting, much more than just telling us what buildings are what. Interesting facts such as parents having to choose baby names off of a pre-established list, the pond having a geothermally heated area for the ducks and swans and the SWAT team have a hilarious Instagram.

Our final activity of the trip was the Blue Lagoon , and what a perfect end to the trip it was. I’d 100% go back to Iceland purely for the Blue Lagoon, it was incredible. The lagoon was so so warm (obviously) and relaxing. The whole process was super smooth with wristbands that controlled your locker, and bar tab – incredible idea. We did get a complimentary face mask and beverage with our package which was an added bonus. As much as I try to [badly] explain how incredible the blue lagoon was, it wont do it justice, it’s one of those things whereby you have to go to experience how magical it is. So for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Saturday 26th January (Day 6)

And just like that the trip has come to an end, it was sadly time to leave Iceland, head home and get back to reality.

I’m honestly so thankful for my University providing us with this opportunity of a lifetime. It was the perfect experience visiting a bucket-list country and doing almost everything suggested to do within the short time we were there. It was also incredible come the end of the trip how everyone in the group were like a family who built a strange form of close friendship within 6 days.

Until next time, Iceland.

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  1. poutineandprada says:

    I have always wanted to go to the Blue Lagoon. It looks amazing.

    1. admin says:

      It’s as amazing as it looks!

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