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My super long Summer holiday draws to an end as I’m sat on my flight back from Cancùn writing this. As much as I’m already feeling the holiday blues creeping up on me, I can only feel super content that I’ve made the most of my time off from University, creating the most incredible Summer to look back at!  I could not be more thankful that i’ve seen many places around the world, made the most incredible memories and took some amazing images.

Since it’s now September that only means one thing… it’s time for me to get back into the ropes of reality, back to work and back to Uni. I’m a second year student at University now and i’ve moved into a rented house with five other people. I’m sure you know what moving means…  shopping for room decor!! Alongside some cute cushions and cacti, I’ve made the most of holding onto the last of my Summer adventures by putting together what you could call a memoire with the help of TruPrint by turning some of my favourite images from the last five months into hella cute decor.

TruPrint have spent 40 years turning our precious memories into gifts and since the images I took this Summer are some of my most cherished memories one of the first things I ordered was a 6″x4″ Lay Flat Photo Book full of photos from my trip to New York in May. Since the era of smart phones and social media we no longer get photos printed off and put in albums, which is quite sad. I hate the thought of my photos getting deleted off my phone, they’re some of the best memories I have and I want to keep hold of them forever. This photo book is very similar to having an album of photos, but you can be a bit more creative with it with the option to use templates or be completely creative in the way you edit each page, with however many images you want per page. Now that i’ve created a New York Photo Album I really want to continue doing this with images from any of my other holidays, I already collect postcards as keep sakes from my travels and I feel like this will now become another tradition of mine. As the most perfect memory to look back on wherever I am in life and however I am feeling in life, it’s ultimately a perfect reminder that wherever life takes us we can make some incredible memories out of it.

The second being plenty of Photo Prints, made much easier than the 2000 alternative of taking your disposable camera to the store and getting images developed. The 21st Century really is a luxurious life, upload them to the TruPrint website and get them sent straight through your door. If you’re like me you can get carried away and end up printing off hundreds of images or simply printing off a few. Since 2014 i’ve been a sucker for putting images up on my bedroom walls. Some people find it creepy having many faces staring at you, but I love being reminded of the happy memories i’ve made day in day out. When you wake up and it’s a typical rainy day in Britain, you can switch your eyes to a happier, sunnier day in New York instead!

Lastly, I got a Photo Poster. Whenever I think of posters I think of my fangirl days, when my walls were FULL of Olly Murs posters (wow). This poster is far from the Dance With Me Tonight singer (who I met in 2013 may I just say😜), instead it’s of an image my dad took while we were in New York. We’re both obsessed with it since he captured the USA flag filling the gap in the skyline where the World Trade Centres used to be. It’s the perfect image for respect out of the tragedy and a great memory of my trip to the Big Apple, which I severely miss!

Whether you’re heading to University and wondering how you can make your room more unique, you know somebody moving to University or just looking for a gift for somebody… there are so many personalised items you can get on TruPrint including: mugs, cushions, phone cases, water bottles, calendars and more. All of these would make the perfect addition to any room or home and what gift is better than a personalised gift?! Correct, none! It definitely pulls at the heart strings.













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  1. pixieskies says:

    That photo book is such a cute idea. I keep meaning to do scrapbooks of my trips but never get round to it, so maybe this is a better idea.

    Megan //

    1. It’s such a great way to keep all the photos together!!

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