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Procoal Marine Moisture Face Mask | Review

Let’s talk face masks and pampering. I’ve just come home from a day at the gym/ spa and treated myself to a refreshing face mask. I don’t know if this is just a ‘Katie issue’ or not but the chlorine in pools makes my skin super dry, especially on my face. Having kindly been gifted a pack of the Procoal Marine Moisture Sheet Masks I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try these out.

About The Product

  • Cruelty free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Expertly formulated in the UK
  •  Free from parabens, silicones, SLS, mineral oils & paraffins 
  •  25g serum per mask
  • Botanical extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin
  •  Pro-vitamin B5

First Impressions

Firstly, I loved the feel and design of the outer packing, a lot of thought has definitely gone into the marketing process and it definitely makes the product give off the high-end vibe. The product information on the packet is super clear, as are the instructions which is always a positive! 


I kept the mask on for around 30 minutes, although it is recommended 15-20 minutes (on the back of the pack), I really wanted to make sure that my skin could soak up the moisture, and it did! The dryness of my skin reduced and it felt a lot more hydrated. Of course, this is just my experience and it could respond differently for other people and I have only used one of these masks, I’ll keep you updated as I use the others. 

Value For Money

These mask cost £13.99 for one pack (contains 4 masks), or £21.99 for two packs (total of 8 masks). 

Understandably, this may seem pricer than some of the masks you can pick up from a supermarket. However, you can tell the difference with the quality of the mask material, it is much thicker and a lot softer than the usual 99p masks. 

One aspect of these masks that I love are the splits around the chin area, this makes it so much easier to shape around your face to fit easier. I usually struggle with this as they’re too large (excuse my small face) resulting in creases.  

Would I Recommend?


Considering these face mask aren’t for any specific use, i’d recommend using them when you just feel like relaxing with a face mask. Even though I used them to rehydrate my skin, and it worked, this may be different for people who struggle with long-term dry skin. Likewise, if you want a mask that is pore minimising I’d recommend a specified face mask.


Despite this, they’re definitely worthwhile and i’d highly recommend. You can feel the amount of moisture in the masks and they feel super high quality and worth the money!


Overall Rating 


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