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Planning Process For The Perfect City Break

When planning a holiday one of the biggest decisions to make is whether you want to go for a city or beach destination. There are some perfect locations for a mix of city and beach including the ever so famous Barcelona. Alternatively, popular cities such as Rome, London, Budapest, Amsterdam, New York and Paris are on the bucket lists of many and offer some studding sight-seeing. It’s easy enough to book a city break but it’s important to plan your time in the city to make the most of seeing everything and everywhere.

There are so many ways to do a city break holiday, you could Interrail between a few cities ie. Prague, Vienna and Budapest, spend a week in a city or a matter of a few hours or couple of days. Either way, there’s a reason you want to visit this city in the first place, so it’s important to make sure you spend your time wisely while on holiday. You don’t want to come home and regret missing out on something because you didn’t have enough time. Here’s a little guide for city break pre-planning to ensure you make the most of your time in the glorious city.

1. Create a list – If you’re travelling alone or in a group, write down a list of all the places that you and everyone else want to visit, and all of the activities you want to do. It doesn’t matter how long the list is, you can keep adding if you like. Quite often you’ll come across new things to do while you’re researching and planning… don’t stress, just add it onto the list.

2. Ranking – You’ll then need to rank the activities/ places on your list, which are the ones are a must do.

3. Research – Do research into the activities on your list, starting with the ones that are higher ranked and work your way through. This will help you filter out which ones don’t live up to your initial expectations, either they may be too expensive, not take your interest or not have availability for the time you’re visiting. Keep a document with all of the helpful information you collect about the activities, this will be useful later when it comes to budgeting and knowing where to plan it in to your holiday.

4. Plotting – Using Map Customizer plot down your hotel and any other important locations on the map alongside the monuments you want to visit and activities you want to do. This will make it clear how close or far away things are from each other. It might be at this point you decide to miss out on doing some of the things that would talk half of the day to get there, however it ultimately depends how highly you ranked it initially. If you’re going as a group keep communicating with them and inform them of how far away things are so you can discuss and come to an agreement whether or not it’s worth it.

5. Collect more important information – Find out all of your flight/ transport details and add them into the information document, knowing the ins and outs of your transport details and length of your stay makes it helpful when fitting things in your itinerary.

6. Itinerary – This is the hard part, you need to try and fit in everything you’ve decided to do into the number of days that you are there. You need to make sure it is realistic, leave leeway time in case a museum takes longer than you expected or it’s further to walk than you thought. You don’t want the itinerary to be too strict that you don’t feel you have time to do something else, should you come across a nice bar you want have a drink at, nor do you wan to rush anything. You’ll be stressing more than you should if your itinerary is too structured, you should be out there enjoying yourself, remember this itinerary is just a helpful guide. Using the map you’ve already plotted it is helpful to plan in things that are nearby to each other per day so that you don’t waste time travelling to and from the same places. This should also save you on transport costs.

7. Check your itinerary – It’s quite handy check on Google Maps the travel distance from A to B as maps can be extremely misconceiving, making the distance look a lot closer than it actually is. If it all runs smoothly according to your day and ability it seems you’ve perfectly planned your holiday! At this point it is also worth running through your itinerary with the people you’re going with to see if there’s anything they wish to add or change.

8. Print and ENJOY – It’s finally time to print off your itinerary, any maps or documents with information that you might find helpful. Then it’s time to head off and enjoy your city break knowing you’re well and truly prepared to have the best time in the city.


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