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Pizza For Thought

When booking a trip to Italy, you know for definite you’re going to be feasting on pizza and pasta for the whole duration of your trip. I 100% knew I would be, that’s for sure!

Travelling is all about visiting new places, trying new things and embracing new cultures. And ultimately, cuisine is one of the direct access points to really experience culture. Since the main Italian dishes have already been populated here in England, it makes it harder to truly try the local cuisine. We’ve all had Neapolitan Pizza and Carbonara before, but picking a jar of pasta sauce off the shelves in Aldi isn’t quite the same dining experience as you’d get in Italy itself.

You can however take a trip to Naples to embrace the birthplace of the debut Margarita Pizza (props to Queen Margarita🙌🏽), tell friends and family you ‘had best pizza ever’, but in reality it’s the same as elsewhere in Italy, the only reason it tasted like the best is because Napoli pizza has a history. Visit Milan for some Saffron-infused risotto or take to Rome for the Roman speciality – carbonara it’s all the same!

Unless you take the time to chat with a local and honestly ask them where to find the best dishes, you’ll be bypassing the true Italian cuisine, the home-grown organic food. People always tell you wherever you go, try the smaller family run restaurants to get a more traditional service, rather than large food chains who have the gift of the gab with enticing tourists in.

On one of my nights in Sorrento I ordered a pizza with french fries and sausages, as much as I found this absolutely incredible, it made me think that this dish must be some kind of import from America (I’m not sure – I may be wrong). It’s great that they’re offering a variety of international and global cuisine, but it’s far from trying the local cuisine.

The next evening we did go to a smaller restaurant hidden down a side street to experience more local cuisine, alongside a dreamy carbonara I tired the local Limoncello beverage. Albeit extremely strong for my liking I’m glad to have come away from my trip having tried what the city is all about. Not forgetting an amazing banana and kinder gelato, of course!

This post was inspired by Emilia Delizia, Emilia Delizia offer a range of food tours across Parma, Modena and Bologna. Food tours are an incredible way to learn not only about the local food but the processes and hard work that goes on behind the scenes. I can only imagine how much more gratifying it would be learning about local food before you eat it. You can return home with some insane pasta making skills to show off!

Tours include:

  • Parmesan Cheese Tour From Bologna
  •  Parma Ham Prosciutto Tour
  • Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Tour of Modena
  • Foodie Tours In Emilia-Romagna
  • Pasta Making Classes in Bologna With Food Market Tour
  • Truffle Hunts, Walking and Hiking in Emilia.
  • Chianti Wine Tours From Florence
  • Food Tour in Florence With Cooking Classes

When I next find myself over in Italy I definitely want to venture outside fo the pizza/pasta vicinity and thoroughly experience the local Italian cuisine much more than I ever have done before. I’d honestly consider booking myself on a local food tour and hopefully try some of the other local dishes and produce such as parmesan, parma ham and seafood!


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  1. This is making me sooo hungry. I want ALL that pasta! lol

    1. admin says:

      Haha! It did me while I was writing it x

  2. This make me so hungry!

    1. admin says:

      Hahaha, apologies x

  3. Maryam says:

    I wan to travel to Italy!!!!! Plus I’m hungry right now. Haha

    1. admin says:

      Italy is gorgeous!

  4. This. food. looks. so. good. OMG. I’ve always associated Italy with pizza, pasta and gelato and you’re absolutely right – it’s so hard to go local when everything is so internationalised! Nevertheless, you’ve had some great gems! I am jealous of the banana and kinder gelato!

    Thanks for sharing x

    1. admin says:

      Tbf no matter what you eat in Italy, the food is amazing haha, they just know how to make a good feast. But the Gelato for sure!

  5. theaestheticsvida says:

    It is at 11:35 p.m where I am right now and only by seeing this I am getting hungry, hahah. Nice post. I would love to travel to Italy sometime in the future.

    1. Italy is such an incredible place to travel to!

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