Personalised Wall Prints… The Reasons Behind Them

Google + Photoshop + IKEA photo frames = Super adorable, personalised wall prints!
I’ve always wanted to get my hands on some cute wall prints, but since i’m the most indecisive person ever I struggle deciding which ones to get. To avoid the stress of deciding I challenged myself to create my own wall prints. This way I could customise them making them unique and have more meaning behind them.

It was as easy as downloading the free trial of Photoshop and taking to Google for some inspiration. I then popped over to IKEA and bought some super cheap photo frames, printed off my prints and then hung them up to create such a statement wall in my bedroom, I am O B S E S S E D !

This print has the most meaning to it, it’s created in memory of both my Grandads. They were both boat enthusiasts and I have a love for anchors so this was perfect, I then added the ‘JP’ and ‘JC’ as these are their initials. This design is simplistic but meaningful.

A print that justifies the amount of photos/ videos I take while I’m on holiday or at events.

This is such a motivational quote, again tying in the boat theme.


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  1. Love your setup of these and i think they’re so cute!x

    1. katielauren says:

      Thank you!!x

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