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Perfect Holiday Experience From The ‘Get-Go’ | East Midlands Airport Collaboration

There’s nothing more exciting than breaking up from work/school for a well-deserved holiday, jetting off for some sun, sea, sand and sangrias.

Arguably, the process of getting to your holiday destination can be quite stressful, I came across an article the other day suggesting that airports are more stressful than moving house(?!). I somehow don’t quite agree, I don’t recall having any stressful airport experiences, due to fault of the airport themselves.

Why should you wait until you’ve left the airport for your holiday to start? Kick back, relax and enjoy the whole holiday experience, even security.

The most stressful part of the airport for me is most definitely going through security. No matter how organised your bag is as you enter security, you’ll come out the other end with a juggled up bag, one shoe on and your possessions everywhere.

My friend and I travelled from East Midlands Airport to Naples at the start of this month and took the Fast-Track Lane at security, skipping the long queues of impatient screaming babies and reducing the security stress. It definitely seems like the true VIP experience, kick start your imagination that you’re skipping the queues as you head to your private jet, or simply so you can spend longer in Duty Free!

While at East Midlands Airport, we got to check out the newest duty free features, during 2017 and 2018 EMA focused on enhancing the retail airport experience for the 5 million passenger they see come and go through their doors.

One of these being the new ‘Click and Collect’ service for World Duty Free and Dixons. Of course, this meant that my duty free shopping experience started in the comfort of my own home, eyeing up all the tax-free shipping that I could get my hands on!

Urban Decay Heat Pallete costs £39.50 in stores and offered at £32.90 in

World Duty Free… I was amazed! Since EMA have only just introduced Urban Decay to their Duty

Free I was worried how quickly the pallete would sell out.

Fortunately, the new Click & Collect feature allows you to reserve items so they are ready to collect when you arrive at the airport. This is available at both World Duty Free and Dixons, you can kit yourself out with a new GoPro for your adventures or some new headphones to make the flight bearable.

Other new stores that have been welcomed to EMA include:

  • Accessorize (20% off)
  • JD Sports (10% off)
  • Superdrug (high street prices and you can also redeem your Superdrug card points)

Alongside existing stores:

  • WHSmith 
  • Traveller

Once you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, the positive airport experience doesn’t stop there! Download the GRAB App. The GRAB App allows you to check out what restaurants/ food stores are available at East Midlands, ponder over the menu, order, pay by your phone and collect your food. Skipping the long queues, you can sit back and wait where you are for your food to be ready then map your way through the airport on the app to find the restaurant.

This is perfect if you want to sit and wait by your gate, you can get Frankie & Benny’s to take away! Other food places available on the App at East Midlands Airport include: Castle Rock, Flat White, Grab and Fly and Pork & Pickle.

If that isn’t already good enough… use the code ‘EMA20‘ on the GRAB App for 20% off!


For updates on latest East Midlands Airport Retail news and offers connect via social media.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by East Midlands Airport.

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