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How Can Silk Pillowcases Benefit Your Skin & Hair?

I’ve heard so much recently about how silk pillowcases are meant to have so many benefits for your hair and skin but I’ve always been curious how. Interestingly, we don’t put much thought into bedding other than whether or not it looks pretty and feels nice. But to actually sleep on something that has positive …


Is Egypt A Safe Holiday Destination For Tourists?

Egypt is a popular tourist destination, with some of the world’s most incredible historical sites, like the pyramids and the sphinx. However, thanks to an unsettled political situation, tourism has dropped a lot in recent years, with many tourists wondering whether it’s safe to visit there. Here’s some information to help you decide if Egypt is …

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Must Have Items This Autumn With Select Fashion

Let’s be honest, Autumn is the elite fashion season. Roll neck jumpers, fur coats, thick-knit cardi’s & Chelsea boots… yes please. As soon as a leaf falls to the ground you’ll find me online shopping for all new seasonal clothes, this year I’ve been loving the Autumn collection from Select Fashion. I’ve found Select Fashion is …

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