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Spice Up Your Cooking | Schwartz Paprika Smoked

Every year at University I try to be a bit more adventurous with my cooking. This way, I’ll not only graduate with a degree (fingers crossed), but I’ll also be confident in entering adult-hood with the ability to cook a variety of meals. One of my biggest obsessions this year is trying different herbs and …

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3 Easy Make-At-Home Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is fast approaching… as an adult Halloween looses the excitement a little considering it’s no longer socially acceptable to go trick or treating. Instead it’s still a great opportunity to get spooky with a scary movie, eyeball jellies and some delicious Halloween bevvies. As a cocktail lover I’ll be getting creative this Halloween becoming …

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How Can Silk Pillowcases Benefit Your Skin & Hair?

I’ve heard so much recently about how silk pillowcases are meant to have so many benefits for your hair and skin but I’ve always been curious how. Interestingly, we don’t put much thought into bedding other than whether or not it looks pretty and feels nice. But to actually sleep on something that has positive …

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