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Overcoming Student Lifestyle Challenges

Make no mistake; leaving uni with the best degree that you’re capable of achieving is always the priority. However, as many freshers are already learning, the uni life isn’t solely about lectures and coursework. As a student, you will be faced with a whole host of challenges that you may not have previously experienced. Unfortunately, if you fail to overcome them right away, they could continue to cause problems through the duration.

 So, what are the hurdles that need to be cleared? Let’s take a closer inspection, shall we?

Financial Health

Heading to university is an investment into your future. The money spent on tuition will come back to you in future years. However, that doesn’t change the fact that your earnings will be limited throughout your time as a student. There’s no doubt that this can cause a host of issues along the way.

Worse still, worrying about the financial issues will continue to play on your mind throughout the student years. While a small part-time job is a great way to earn some cash, you don’t want it to impact your earning potential. If £10,000 loans can remove the pressure to give you the best shot at getting a first class honours, grab this opportunity. You don’t want to leave uni with regrets.

The funds can be used to buy materials and pay for social events. Moreover, this could cover travel expenses should you manage to land a work placement linked to your degree.

Personal Health

 If uni is your first shot at independence, the excitement of doing things your way is huge. This must not compromise your physical or emotional health, though. Otherwise, your studies will suffer while the entire student experience will face problems too. Embracing winning habits from the start is a must.

Ensuring that you eat right and get enough exercise will set the right foundations. Meanwhile, keeping your student home clean should be on the agenda too. Living a happier life in an affordable manner is vital too. After all, the financial implications will have an influence on your emotional well-being whether you realise it or not.

 Very few things are more important than your degree through this stage of your life. However, there’s no doubt that your health is on that list. Do not forget it.


Human interaction is at the heart of everything in modern life. University is a particularly odd time, though. There will be new friends that are met at uni and last a lifetime. Likewise, there will be friendships that are formed and ended on campus. Therefore, balancing them with your life back home is vital.

 Thankfully, staying in touch with people back home is easier than ever thanks to modern tech. Aside from being important for your long-term future, it’s a chance to catch up and talk about non-uni things. This can be particularly useful during stressful times. Of course, if you have a relationship, finding a way to make it work will be crucial too.

It won’t always be possible to do this, especially if you want to feel free at uni. Either way, resolving the issue is a must.     

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  1. It is so hard to believe that the money you spend on tuition will come back to you in later life when you are sitting in a job you can’t stand and get quarterly reminders that you currently owe 50K – but it is even more important to not let this bother you which is such a struggle some days but once you teach yourself to not worry about it, I felt much better 🙂 I think everyone needs to pay closer attention to their mental health at uni – I was in a media and fashion environment and I think a lot of the girls (it was all girls) needed some help more than anyone would have admitted. maintaining exsiting and building new relationships is also vital – so much pressure is put on making friends in your first hour at uni and that is so stressful! I really love what you say about resolving issues too ♥ x

    1. This is exactly why uni is such a huge learning curve!!

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