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New York City: Day 5

The worst day of every holiday… the day you’re travelling home😔. Months of planning, and excitement about going on holiday finally draws to a close and you start getting the holiday blues.

After stocking up on breakfast we headed into Times Square for the final time and to complete any last minute shopping. My mum bought herself a gorgeous NYC exclusive Pandora charm to remind her of the amazing trip we had to the big apple. Myself and my sister bought some clothing items from the huge H&M in Times Square. I definitely couldn’t pass this up as I saw a cute cropped sweater with ‘New York’ ‘1998’ (my year of birth), what are the chances?!
Another stop by Bubba Gump was necessary since we got a free Bubba Gump cocktail shaker from purchasing our cocktails on Wednesday Evening. I’m excited to put this to use mixing up some of my own cocktails that unfortunately won’t be as good as Bubba’s beverages haha. IMG_5337
What’s a trip to the USA without a fast food experience?! Our choice of fast food was the ever so popular Shake Shack, although we may have cheated and only had milkshakes, but it was still an experience. I was utterly impressed by the whole process of being given a buzzer so when your food is ready to collect it shakes (ironically). It’s such a clever idea that I think should be implemented more in the UK, it saves so much crowding at the counter and shouting out customer orders for them not to listen to you (you can tell I worked/work in food based customer service haha). As for the milkshakes, they were insane, so so good😍, the strawberry milkshake tasted like pure strawberries rather than powdered and the chocolate brownie milkshake was so good and chocolatey too!
Holy Cannoli, last but not least we ventured into Carlo’s Bakery, just at the top of our street. Cake Boss was teenage entertainment for my sister and I, binge watching TLC for all the amzing cakes and drama between Buddy and his family. Although this isn’t the store Cake Boss is filmed at, you really felt like you were part of the show with a similar layout and window into the kitchen watching workers pipe cream into cakes and bake cookies. It was a Cake Boss lovers’ dream come true that was clearly popular with tourists and locals due to the huge queues.
It was now time to sadly wave goodbye to the city of dreams as we checked out and got in a car taking us back to JFK for our flight home. A little bit of duty free shopping and an American McDonald’s (not as supersized as I expected) and before we knew it we were up in the air. The Virgin in-flight entertainment was a god send with so many good films and series to watch. Despite it being a night flight I entertained myself with Monster-In-Law and Paddington 2 and the shortest nap known to existence. As that concludes these travel blogs, all I can say is roll on July for my next holiday adventure!
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