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New York City: Day 3

Getting insane last minute broadway tickets. Up close and personal with a squirrel.  Getting lost, yet again. Seeing a graduation. Forest Gump quizzes and an insane performance… just a little summary of Day 3 in the big city.

By our third day we were used to the time difference so it was a little bit of a later start, but don’t you worry, we still got our delicious waffles for breakfast (it was still only 8:30am but that was late compared to the previous days!)

Prior to coming to New York I was added to a Facebook group called ‘NYC The place to be…’, this group is a god send with 48.8k members who have all either been to New York, are going to New York or are New Yorkers themselves. There’s plenty of discussing places to visit, restaurants to eat at, the highs the lows of New York City, best and worst hotels and flight operators and how to get cheap theatre tickets. It’s perfect if you’re unsure about anything, ask the question and there’s always someone who knows the answer. It’s like NYC Google!
Since Broadway shows are a huge thing in New York, we wanted to make sure we could experience a broadway show. Having seen a West End before and thinking the production was amazing for then… it was hard to imagine how crazy insane the production would be on Broadway. Unfortunately, tickets are extremely expensive! But we found out that rush tickets were a thing. This meant going to theatre box offices in the morning to ask if they have any last minute tickets available for that evening. Alternatively, you could head to the red steps in Times Square and you’ll see TKTS box office selling a variety of broadway show tickets with up to 50% off!

I should note here, anyone who is thinking about getting rush tickets… they do not apply to any Disney productions, sadly.

We went to Majestic Theatre box office since we wanted tickets to see The Phantom Of The Opera and got front row tickets for $45 each! The seats were on the far left so they had a slightly restricted view, but this didn’t take away magic away from the show at all.
Carrying on with our day now we had our evening sorted we walked to Central Park visiting souvenir shops and finding little markets along the way for a spot of shopping. Part way through Central Park we sat down to take in our surroundings with horse and carriages passing by, alongside tricycles offering rides for $5 a minute😳 (?!?!). To our surprise we had a squirrel running along the bench to sit with us, apparently they’re really friendly in Central Park which is a relief considering how close it got to us!
At this point my family and I split off, my dad and sister went to The American Museum of Natural History and me and my mum headed back to the subway station and ended up on a round trip of Upper Manhattan instead of heading back towards Times Square because we read a sign wrong and thought the subway line we needed was closed… turned out it wasn’t!
We then went to Radio City Music Hall for a backstage tour using our Explorer pass for admission. While we were on our tour there was a graduation ceremony ongoing for Hunter College which was super sweet to see! It was extremely interesting learning about the history of the music hall and the legends that have performed there alongside the behind-the-sceens processes including hydraulics and where they kept a full sized elephant for a show!
Both of these attractions took a huge chunk out of the day so by the time we were done it was 4pm so we met back in the hotel so we could get ready for the evening. We went out earlier for our dinner on this day considering we were headed to a show that started at 8pm. My mum saw on the Facebook group that someone had moisturising foot packs to cool their feet after all the walking, so of course look what she got us all doing…
Bubba Gump was the choice of restaurant for this night, i’m not a shrimp lover but the restaurant itself was amazing with such a strong character and friendly waiters quizzing you on your Forrest Gump knowledge, luckily we had my dad keeping our team strong answering all the questions!
IMG_2403 2IMG_8812IMG_7903
SHOW TIME! The theatre was incredible inside – as you’d expect! But as for the actual production… WOW. Being the longest standing show on Broadway in the same theatre the production could make it their home and be as creative as they wish with the set and they did exactly that! (please don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers) A huge chandelier arose from the stage to the centre of the audience in the theatre and theatrically dropped down half way through, shots were fired and there were flames, a piece of the stage framing came down with someone on it singing (pointed out on the second image). Not to mention the incredibly real backdrops they used and amazing costumes. There’s so much credit due for these incredible performers and their production team, I would love to go to broadway again!
IMG_1207Untitled design
That calls for the end of day 3, with an amazing end to a fantastic day!

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  1. John Aiwone says:

    I love the fact you went Broadway production, for me it’s strangely rare Broadway gets mentioned in a traveller’s experience of NYC so it was good to see it gets some coverage.
    Fun Fact: The American History Museum was a filming location for Night Of The Museum (I think🤔)
    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

    1. katielauren says:

      That’s so odd, broadway seems like such a huge aspect of New York in my opinion!

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  4. preciousjuls17 says:

    Whoa! Phantom of the Opera on Broadway sounds amazing! I saw it in Hollywood at the Pantages. I hope you had a wonderful time. There’s truly nothing like live theater!

    1. katielauren says:

      Ooo i’d love to go to Hollywood! Theatre shows are just incredible x

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