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Netflix Is Bringing It Back

It seems Netflix are pulling it out the bag and we better get MSN messaging our gal pals, stocking up the snacks and setting up the sofas and blankets because we have a whole host of new chick flicks to laugh, cry and fantasise over. We’ve gone from the days of matchmaking in Clueless and summer romances in The Notebook to high school drama and unscripted love in The Kissing Booth.

Within the last few months we’ve been blessed with some incredible Netflix originals that fall perfectly in line with the chick flick category. What more could we ask for?! Perhaps some Noah Centineo screen time? Well you bet we got it, and plenty of. Following all the tpyical chick flick conventions of course, plenty of heartbreak, frenemies, hopeless romantics and drama… some how we just can’t get enough of it.

I’ve figured out that Netflix definitely saw a new gap in the market: ‘Emotionally unstable teens’, obviously the 90s babies that grew up watching The Princess Diaries on repeat are going to love washing away exam stress and boy problems with a new sassy chick flick. And I have to say, they are very much not wrong. Especially since the fantasies of becoming a real life Princess came crashing down on 19th May 2018 (thanks a lot, Meghan). Instead we can just heart eye emoji over hot characters, coo over idyllic romances and get way too attached to the storyline.  Followed by re-watching the films over and over again until we can recite the script and apply the sass to daily life in the hope to win over our own Noah Centineo.

The days of balling out eyes out at The Notebook have been put on hold, it’s time to make room for The Kissing Booth, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and plenty more.  Let me highlight to you a few of the best new Netflix chick flicks that make it worth calling a cheat day, watching with tonnes of snacks…

The Kissing Booth 

High school student, Elle, gets herself into quite the situation by awkwardly breaking the childhood rule she created with her best friend, Lee “#9: Relatives totally off limits”, during a school kissing booth… that she created. Having a crush on your best friends older brother, how could that end happily?! This is a movie with all emotions.

To All The Boys I Loved Before 

Imagine writing secret love letters to the guys you’ve loved and then somehow they get sent out and before you know it all the guys are fully aware of your crush. But how will they respond? Do they spark new whirlwind romances? A film for those who love eventful stories and awkward situations.

Sierra Burges is A Loser 

Cliché unpopular high schooler, Sierra gets caught up in the middle or a keyboard relationship when popular mean girl, Veronica gives Jamey, the hot footballer Sierras mobile number instead of her own. Completely oblivious Sierra and Jamey spark up a connection Jamey still believing it’s Veronica. A movie of catfish romance and betrayal.

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  1. I actually quite enjoyed Kissing Booth. Cheesy! Great post! Anna xx

    1. Thank you!!

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