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Must Have Items This Autumn With Select Fashion

Let’s be honest, Autumn is the elite fashion season. Roll neck jumpers, fur coats, thick-knit cardi’s & Chelsea boots… yes please😍. As soon as a leaf falls to the ground you’ll find me online shopping for all new seasonal clothes, this year I’ve been loving the Autumn collection from Select Fashion. I’ve found Select Fashion is one of the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing at super affordable prices – perfect for students or budget shopping. They’re absolutely killing it with their Autumn looks this season, so much so I want to buy it all! Here’s some of the items that really stood out to me and created this gorgeous autumn outfit…

Honestly, what’s not to love about fashion dresses? Not only do they look super cute but they are perfect for literally any occasion! This Crimson Oversized Cord Shirt Dress [£17.99] is so comfortable to wear and so easy to pair with a black belt to highlight your waist or simply wear as an oversized shirt.

Other Autumn Fashion Dresses include:


Are you even Autumn ready if you don’t have any black Chelsea boots to your name? These Black Block Trim Ankle Boots [£24.99] are going to be worn through and through this Autumn. Pair with a cute dress or skirt, jeans or tights, they’ll keep your feet warm and make your outfit look super stylish! These black ankle boots with a low heel are the perfect combination of smart/dressy-casual. Often, I think these look too dressy and uncomfortable to walk very far in them, but honestly they’re comfy enough to be walking boots (where it’s not too muddy ofc).

Other Autumn Boots include: 

Lastly, another essential as the weather cools… a super cosy fur coat. I am slightly obsessed with adding more and more teddy coats to my ever-growing collection, but I mean… it’s impossible to go wrong with a fur coat? This Cream Teddy Borg Longline Coat [£39.99] compliments any outfit making it look more formal due to the longline design. However it looks super fashionable and in style (and cosy), this is by far my favourite white teddy bear jacket and the first of it’s sort to my collection. 

Other Autumn Coats include:

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