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Pretty jewellery and chocolatey goodness (aka comfort food) are well and truly two of the best ways to a girl’s heart. Hear me out on this one when I say Thorntons have got it spot on with their new product!

Girls… Meet Thorntons Chocolate Pearls!

Pearls are making a huge comeback with feature at the Met Gala and on the Duchesses Catherine and Meghan. According to the statistics 57% of British females own a piece of pearl jewellery, this figure has increased by 4% since 2017!

Pearls are having a resurgence and are firmly established as the must have gemstone of 2019. We saw pearls added to headbands, jackets and even denim on the Spring/Summer catwalks, offering a modern twist to a long time classic. It’s a huge trend for the summer and is only set to continue.”Nisha Grewal, stylist

So with the rise of pearls, Thorntons did what Thorntons do best and provided us with some completely unique, absolutely delicious chocolates! Arguably, one of the best things about Thorntons is that 95% of the time you’ll walk past a store and they’re offering out free samples and 99% of the time I see them, I join in on the tasting – guilty! The chocolate is just too good to miss out😍.

Thorntons have been extremely creative and marked their launch by recreating some of the most iconic pearl images which include Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Girl with a Pearl Earring and many more, made completely with chocolate pearls. It took 135 hours and 781 individually hand crafted chocolates to piece together this jewellery.

These Thorntons pearls come in two delicious flavours: Salted Caramel and Nutty Crunch. Being a sucker for salted caramel, I had to give them a try and they are incredible. Thorntons have mastered the perfect combination, the pearls have a hard outer shell and soft centre so that you thoroughly enjoy the centre when it’s bitten into.

Thorntons Pearls are available exclusively in Thorntons stores and at this May in two pack sizes – 167g RRP £5 or 283g RRP £8.

Find out where you can get your hands on these chocolatey pearls using the Thornton’s Store Locator!

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