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The best thing about blogging is knowing you’re not alone, there are plenty of other people who sit behind a screen and write for the internet to see. There’s a whole host of us sharing our own experiences of the world around us, some in extremely different lights.In order to widen our experiences, here we have a special guest interview with… Johnny The Travel Connoisseur. He’s going to tell you a little bit about himself, his blog and some of his amazing adventures.
Tell us who you are and what your blog is about.
Hey Katie’s readers I’m John (Or Johnny). I’m a London blogger and work as a sports coach. My blog is about travelling and educating my readers on different countries, cultures and heritages  rather than just posting vanity (but beautiful) pics for Instagram or Snapchat. A touch of lifestyle tips in there too, and I hope I can expand to that area more mainstream soon.
What was the first holiday you went on (that you can remember)?
It was to Nigeria with my mum when I was 11. It was hot, humid, moist and sticky. To my young self it was very foreign and a bit of a shock to the system seeing wildlife closer to me than normal. My first or second night there I was crying and telling my mum I missed the others back home (A big man like myself isn’t afraid to have teary moments). It’s funny when I look back at it and remember that cos fast forward 10 years and I’m doing everything and anything possible to get the hell out of England and to somewhere new haha.

What makes you want to travel?

I feel that the world is bigger than the city, town or street we live on, work at or commute down. There’s the chance to connect with other people from different countries, backgrounds and learn from them and what makes them unique instead of knowing one way of living life. Having said that travelling, especially when going solo, is a source of independence for me and a way of creating memories with friends and family and strengthening relationships.
What has been your best and worst moment of travelling?
Best: Having done my first solo adventure to Paris without any big issue. I learn so much about myself and that I was capable of this kind of lifestyle. Keeping myself safe and aware of what to do and where to go was just as important as engaging with the spectacular scenery, rich history and delicious crepes Paris had to offer.
Worst: Getting on the plane or train and heading back home :p
Where’s the one place you’ve always wanted to visit?
Definitely Spain. I had a holiday to Valencia booked to go this February gone, and was booked for several months prior but I had to cancel it cos I had a car accident and had to pay £500 for the damage I did to someone else’s car. That meant I couldn’t afford the holiday with my other holiday to Naples a few weeks after that. Silly and stupid of me I know haha! I’m looking to go there for a late summer getaway.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done while you’ve been travelling?
It was when I went to Eindhoven for a sports tournament with my team during my Uni days. On one night out we went on a bar crawl with them and I got insanely drunk to the point where I lost them and I passed out once at a diner nearby and another near one of the bars that was a part of the bar crawl. Fortunately  they found me and three of them carried. Bless them! The pics of me passed out won’t be gracing the world of blogging anytime soon though!

If you could travel the world with one person, who would it be?
I know it sounds a bit baby-like but at the moment it’s definitely my mum. For everything she has done for me to help me become the person I am today I think I would struggle without her daily guidance and regular check-ups when I’m away. She’s brings a sense of self-worth that not many other people around me can
Do you have any regrets about travelling anywhere?

Not one in particular but I’d say a general regret I normally have is not ticking off everything on my to-do list for every trip I’ve been on. On the positive it just makes my wanderlust stronger as I’d want to get back to that country with the feeling of unfinished business.
If you had to live in one place you’ve travelled to, where would it be?

Canada hands down. I went to Toronto in summer 2015 and loved almost every minute of it. The people there are very friendly and outgoing and I’ve barely heard a bad thing about the country. There’s a community feel that I think suits my personality to a tee. I’ve also got relatives so accommodation/housing won’t be a big issue.
If you could give one travel tip, what would it be?
Meet and connect with other tourists or the natives. Connections from anywhere and everywhere is more paramount than ever in the modern world and I feel like as travellers we have a hidden duty to make the world a more unified place and be the glue that brings more awareness and understanding to different cultures, traditions and values.

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