Making Old Clothes Modern Again

Clearing out your wardrobe is all well and good until you come across a t-shirt that you’ve worn once or twice but it has some form of sentimental value (unless i’m just weird haha) making you not want to part with it. Usually in these situations I put it away to the back of the wardrobe until my next clear out and see if i’ll part with it then, but I never do. So during my last clear out I set myself a challenge to make these sentimental non-used tops become sentimental used tops… I mean I bought it for a reason?!

I’m a bit odd and have a whole section at the back of my wardrobe with ‘keep-sake’ clothes that include things from my childhood gymnastic leotard, netball dresses, school uniform, tour tops, tops from when I’ve met celebrities, Spanish dresses, fancy dress costumes, prom and bridesmaid dresses… literally anything haha!
This top I’m using I bought at the summit of Mount Snowdon in 2012, in a “been there, got the t-shirt” kind of moment. It was way too large at the time but it now fits me a lot better, but still doesn’t look flattering AT ALL. I knew if I was to actually put it to use I’d need to do something to make it look marginally better. I attempted a few of the popular methods before I started chopping it up left right and centre making a mess of it, I unfortunately don’t have a degree in Fashion so it would certainly look A MESS!
First of all, I attempted to iron out the 6 years worth of creases. As much as we tell ourselves “it looks fine creased” it always looks better when it’s ironed, let’s not lie. Especially when the tee has been screwed up at the bottom of your wardrobe! As you can see, some of the creases were set to stay in my t-shirt, they were not coming out anytime soon, I just accepted it as part of the “retro” effect. #fashionista
IMG_6270The sleeves went halfway down my arm (I’m quite short so this might just be a personal issue haha), but other way, it doesn’t look cute. Rolling up the sleeves is an old trick but I feel like rolled sleeves add that little bit more of an effect to the t-shirt and makes it look less oversized.
Of course, the t-shirt tie-knot, I talked about doing this in my previous fashion post ‘How To: Style Your Wardrobe To Combat The Ever-Changing British Weather’ and I’ve been a lover of doing this ever since. It’s the perfect way to shorten and tighten any long baggy tops, making them look so much more flattering. My secret behind this is using a hair band to create the tie, works perfectly and a lot less fiddly!
They’re the only 3 steps I took to completely transform how the top is worn to make it look modern and flattering. Because it’s now a cropped tee you could easily swap around what you pair the item with, it would work with high waist jeans, shorts, skirt or dungarees! I loved the result of this and it means I’m now going to have this top as a go-to rather than one I steer away from. I’m also hoping to try and apply these steps to any of my other old baggy t-shirts.

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