Making Money From Your Wardrobe

Most of us are lucky enough to have wardrobes heaving with clothes. So many in fact, unless you are changing a couple of times a day – you just won’t be wearing them all. Or loving them to their full potential. The knee highs you had to have, or the sequin turtleneck that sang to you as you strolled on by the store. But, there comes a time when you know you haven’t worn a few pieces in quite a while. Rather than bin them, you could be making some modest money and clearing out the closet too. If your friends are partial to giving you a gift card in for celebrations like birthdays or Christmas, you can sell it rather than hit that ‘redeem gift card’ button.

The Sorting Pile

When you first start the clear out, you’re going to be hard pushed to make a decision on some items. So have a keep, donate piles and sell pile. Things that you wear a lot, and you’d consider your staples always go to the keep pile. They are tried, tested and true. If you have some items that have been loved previously but haven’t made it out into the big wide world, then they can hit the donate pile (it’s good to do good, right?) and for the items, you purchased and never really made the use of – sell.

Price Them Up

You might be tempted to price them to what you paid, but the chances are the market has moved on since they were on the rails. So do some research about what people are currently wearing, what trends are coming back and where those items fit in. Some styles are classics and are likely to make more money that trending articles no matter when you sell them.

Get Selling

There are a number of ways you can sell your clothing online, depending on what you have time for. You might like the idea of opening an entire ASOS boutique store an setting a price, or you might prefer to use eBay and create a bidding frenzy. It is worth remembering that if you use PayPal, eBay, or most selling sites you are likely to see a reasonable chunk of fees be spent every time you make a sale. Depop is a super popular marketplace app that will let you sell a whole host of different things. When you are putting up your listings, try to be as detailed as possible. Got a loose thread? Me honest about it. Sequins missing? Let them know. And, when you are taking photos of the garments, don’t shove it on a hanger and leave it there. Try it on, pose, add some accessories. Use one piece to tell a who outfit story. People are much more likely to buy something if they can picture an outfit and see themselves wearing it.

Keep Notes

Be smart with your inventory. If you list multiple items on eBay it is easy to lose track, so keep a note of everything you have listed. As soon as the money hits your PayPal account, label up the goods and send them. Keep an eye on what is selling and the price to help you sharpen up you the re-selling game.

And, when you finally have all the cash before you buy anything else think – should I buy this?

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  1. This post came at the right time for me! Definitively a clothes hoarder always thinking there may be a time where I need a certain item so keep it. Keep tips x

  2. Miss Jitty says:

    Truthfully, I never thought of selling my clothes. I donate everything I don’t use. While some items I would still donated, the ones that still have price tags (I have a ton!!!) are definitely some I should considering selling! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    1. It’s definitely worthwhile! I’ve bought loads of second hand clothes before, they almost perfect condition and not even a fraction of the price!

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