Living in Halls VS Living at Home

Everything about going to University involves a lot of decision making, nothing is a minor decision either, it shapes how your life is going to be for the next few years – how crazy daunting is that?!

If the University you choose is within commuting distance, you’re faced with yet another question as to whether you’re going to live at home and commute or if you’re going to apply to live in halls. You can spend hours listing the pros and cons of both and still be as undecided as ever.
Since I am a first year student I thought I would share my opinions with you because when I was faced with the decision I was EXTREMELY torn. In the end I chose to live in University Halls and because i’m only 20 minutes away from home, i’m able to come back most weekends. From doing this, I get a nice mix of independence and home comforts.
Here’s some tips that helped me make the decision:

  • Visit the halls of residence. Ultimately, go for the one you feel is more homely and you’re less likely to feel homesick at. If you don’t see yourself being comfortable in any of them, maybe your own bedroom is the better option.
  • Consider the costing.  Figure out the price in comparison to your maintenance loan and decide if you would be comfortable living at those costs. If it doesn’t look overly feasible, discuss it with your parents as they may be willing to help you out if you really want to move to halls but costing is an issue.
  • Join Facebook groups. Being in University group and chats you can speak to people in similar situations to you and find out their opinions – you can also meet some great friends this way, which will make you feel more comfortable when it comes to starting in September.
  • Attempt the commute. By trying out the commute a few times before you decide, you’ll be able to realise if you could imagine yourself doing that each week. As well as figuring out the costs and time it will take.
  • Don’t be fooled. People claim you’ll miss out on ‘the experience’, but that’s not necessary, you can get the University experience in other ways. Likewise, don’t accept the ‘experience’ over you feeling comfortable or not.

Initially it is tough to know if you’ve made the correct decision or not, but as long as you feel happy and comfortable with your decision – you know that’s the correct one for you!

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  1. May-Rose says:

    Your room is so pretty!!!!😍😍

    1. katielauren says:

      That’s so sweet, thank you!!

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