Identify Your Skin Type & Establish a Skin Care Routine

Believe it or not, the skin is your body’s largest organ. It protects us from the elements, and stops dirt and other substances from entering our bodies. Along with all of this, its condition can greatly affect our physical appearance. So, it’s about time that you start looking after it with a thorough skin care regime. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your skin in tip top condition!

Identify Your Skin Type

First things first, you should identify your skin type. This will allow you to find the right products that will cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin properly. There are four basic skin types. These are normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Normal skin is generally considered the most desirable type of skin – it is balanced, without being too oily or too dry. Dry skin produces lower levels of sebum than normal skin, resulting in a rough or dull texture and leaving your skin feeling tight. Oily skin has the opposite problem; it produces too much sebum. This can result in visible pores and a greasy appearance. If you have combination skin, you will have a mix of these different skin types, perhaps with dryness in some areas and oiliness in others.


Purchase Products for Daily Use

Once the first step is out of the way, you can start investing in products for daily use. When you wake up each morning, you should use a face wash or cleansing cream, toner, and moisturiser that are specially formulated for your skin type. You should also invest in specialist make up remover for the evening and a night cream to apply before you go to sleep. There are also plenty of niche products on the market to target blemishes specific to your own skin. These can include eye creams, lip balms, spot treatments, and anti-ageing creams.


Make Use of Specialist Masks

You can incorporate extra products into your skin routine on a less regular basis. Consider a dead sea mud mask. This only needs to be used once a week, but has the benefits of removing dead skin and deep-set impurities, refining and softening skin texture, and promoting a healthy looking complexion through mineral hydration. The amount of time that you leave your mask on for will be dependent on your skin type. Individuals with dry skin should leave it on for around 5-10 minutes, those of us with normal skin should leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and individuals with oily skin should leave it on for 20-25 minutes.


Keep Hydrated

A final step in your skin care journey should be to remain hydrated at all times. This can easily be achieved by drinking eight glasses of water a day. But you will reap the benefits! Remaining hydrated can combat dullness, tightness, flakiness, and dryness. It also helps to filter out impurities, resulting in fewer spots and blemishes!


As you can see, the key to getting your skin care routine right is to identify your skin type early on in the process. This will allow you to purchase the right products for your skin’s needs. If you are unsure about anything, a dermatologist will be able to help you out!

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  1. I really like this post. I have had super (super super) crappy skin for almost 6 years now and I have been seeing improvements in the last 6 months or so since I changed a few small things in my skin care routine. I love that you mention specialist masks as they can be so helpful ♥ I’m still on the look out for a good moisturizer (combo skin) but hopefully will find one soon x

    1. Insane what difference different products can make!!

    2. Samantha says:

      ~do you also have very oily skin? Try Conatural’s day cream – it works really well for me as a moisturiser in the morning and also at night.

  2. Katelyn Boucher says:

    This post was actually really informative for me! I tried my first “paint on” mask a few weeks ago since the ones you place on your face are too big for me, and I loved it! It cleaned my face out so well! I think I might try the Dead Sea one next!

    1. Face masks are just so great, perfect way to feel so refreshed!

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