How To: Style Your Wardrobe To Combat The Ever-Changing British Weather

British weather is the best at fooling us. Blue sky and Summer vibes in the morning. Dark clouds and winter vibes in the afternoon. What’s that all about?! Being the Summer lover I am, when I wake up and see blue sky, I instantly want to whip out the shorts and sunnies and light up the barbeque.

The worst part of our weather system, is how are we possibly meant to know what to wear for such a mix of weather??  My ultimate answer is… skirts.

Skirts are perfect multipurpose staple items, you can wear them to look dressy or wear them to look casual. This year, I’ve unnecessarily built up a huge skirt collection filling my wardrobe… but they just make such cute outfits! Denim skirts are my favourite since they’re effectively like wearing jeans, but dressier jeans. Of course, tights may be essential in the Spring months while it’s typically cooler, but once it gets to Summer…bye-bye tights!
The rustic jumper in the image on the right has been my go-to jumper (New Look £22.99) over the winter months and I’ll be using it a lot during the Spring too since it’s perfect for the cooler Spring days keeping you warm and cosy but looking super adorable. On the warmer Spring days (YES PLEASE!) a cute tee is a perfect match, the t-shirt in the image on the left has been sat in my wardrobe for a good few years and only been worn once or twice since it’s not the most flattering style. I thought I’d be optimistic and try it anyway. I’m not sure what came across me, but I attempted the stereotypical blogger knot tie, and I kid you not… I’ve become OBSESSED with the tee-knot!
To go with the skirts and tights, I’d usually wear my black suede boots (Dorothy Perkins £22.50) or Vans depending if it’s a chilly or warm Spring day. Boots and trainers are such go-to shoes, they match virtually any skirt and top, you couldn’t go wrong! If you’re feeling braver you could opt for some heeled shoes or boots but when you’re just running errands like I tend to do, you want to keep is casual and avoid feet ache at all costs.
Finally let’s not forget… SUNNIES! What’s a blue-sky spring day without some sunglasses sitting in your hair? There isn’t one. Grab any pair of sunnies and you’ll be rocking those Spring days.
The weather isn’t going to stop us fashion troopers.

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  1. I think skirts are perfect like you say you’re like dressy jeans! And they can be so casual too! In the winter too just put on some super thick tights and you’re good to go! The only issue i find is that skirts are so hard to fit me, they usually are too tight around the bum/thighs then way too big on the waist it can be so annoying!

    1. katielauren says:

      Same here! I’m usually petite sizes but then sometimes the skirts go way too short when they rise up😩 such a struggle

      1. oh my god literally !!!

  2. Loved this! So useful! xx

    1. katielauren says:

      I’m so glad x

  3. I love this post, the outfit ideas are perfect for Melbourne weather too, where it’s bloody freezing in the morning but the sun’s out and beating down on you by midday. Great post x

    1. katielauren says:

      Thank you! Definitely good for a mix x

  4. […] course, the t-shirt tie-knot, I talked about doing this in my previous fashion post ‘How To: Style Your Wardrobe To Combat The Ever-Changing British Weather‘ and I’ve been a lover of doing this ever since. It’s the perfect way to shorten […]

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