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How to manage the unmanageable: work and fun | Old English Co. Collaboration

Being young is all fun until you’re managing adult responsibilities and a teenager social life. “Make the most of your teen years while you’re still young”. It’s easy to have a fun life, but when you want to earn money and be successful, you have to find the perfect balance.

My life is quite busy with having a part-time job, attending University, writing blogs, applying for Internships and fitting in time with family and friends. Finding a balance can be extremely difficult in the first few weeks, you will have days it all catches up on you and you feel the stress, but theres’s the super rewarding days knowing you’re building yourself a bright future as well as building fantastic memories.
To keep on top of my commitments I have to make sure I have a plan, I personally work best when I have a physical plan written in front of me. Wherever I am there will be a to-do list not far away from me, I LOOOVE lists! It’s the satisfaction of crossing off things you’ve done, it makes you feel accomplished and motivates you to tick everything else off the list. I ought to invest in an actual planner since I tend to write everything down on scraps of paper – not ideal.
I know which set days I have aside for work and lectures and then fit my other commitments around this. Times in the day when i’m not at University I usually spend in the library or in my flat reading or getting on top of University assignments.  Evenings when i’m not out are usually spent blog writing or sharing my blogs on social media. Then any spare evenings I either take a little ‘me’ time and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy or make plans to go out and see my friends.
By having a to do list or a planner to write down any appointments or events, you’re able to sit back and look at what you have to do rather than it all mushing together in your brain, not having a clue where to start!

You can get yourself some absolutely gorgoeus planners from Old English Co. to help manage the unmanageable – I know I will be! Not only are there many gorgeous designs, the pages are listed as daily checklists with a section for notes and an option to add a date in the top corner. I feel like these planners are perfectly made for organising your life, you’ll definitely feel like you’re living the best teenage years once you get your hands on one of these, you can find them online here.

If you’re feeling lucky, you could try and win a set of planners by entering the Old English Co. competition to celebrate World Stationary Day on 25th April by simply emailing them your favourite stationary item.
About Old English Co.
Old English Co. are a stationary and homeware brand established in London creating uniquely hand lettered, stylish products. They have an absolutely gorgeous range of items including notebooks, cards, calendars, prints and even make up pouches. Check out their website.
Happy planning!

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  1. Those planners are so nice! x 😍

  2. It’s really important to have planners but more important is sticking to them.
    I often write things on my calendar or planner and realise that I’ve done nothing,and it gets really frustrating for me.
    Next week I’ll try to stick to my planner,wish me good luck!

    1. katielauren says:

      Yes! That’s a good point I didn’t raise, getting into the routine of using a planner defiantly helps make it successful! Good luck!! X

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