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How To Make Sure That You’re Ready For The Perfect City Break

Aah, the city break. Is there anything better than having a weekend away somewhere, in Rome, or Paris, or Madrid, or wherever your heart takes you? Though a city break usually only covers a few days, this is usually enough time to unwind, see the sights, and absorb some of the local culture. However, if you only have a certain amount of time to get things done, you need to make sure that you’ve planned properly, and you’re ready to have a great relaxing break, with everything sorted. I’ve listed some things here, to help you prepare.

Be mindful when booking flights

If you’ve never visited a country or city before, it’s important to be mindful about booking flights, as there are various options out there. Whilst you may think ‘great, I’ve found a cheap flight!’ if you arrive in the city at 2am and the metro doesn’t start running until 7am, you’ll have to wait around in the airport, when you could have paid an extra bit of cash to make sure that your flight time was more practical. Weigh up the cost with the time that you’ll arrive, and other factors, such as when you have to check in or out of your hotel. You’ll be glad that you thought this one through properly!

Get your holiday wardrobe sorted

This is arguably the hardest thing about planning for the perfect city break, as you may only need to take two outfits, when in reality, you want to take at least ten. However, you probably won’t have much suitcase space, so make sure that you invest in some staple pieces, that will see you through the weekend and make you look great in those holiday pictures. If you’re going during the summer, make sure to invest in something floral and light, like Petal and Pup women’s dresses, and prepare for the winter cold if you’re going later in the year.

Look at online reviews

If your time in the city is limited, online reviews are going to be your best friend. Sure, it’s good to take some chances and try out things that you stumble across, but find out what other travellers think of the hotel, and the landmarks that you’re thinking of visiting. It can be best to see things for yourself, as everybody has a different taste, but if the reviews are consistently bad, then steer clear. You don’t want to turn up to the hotel only to find that it’s not the dream place that you imagined, as it can put a real downer on your trip. Trust your fellow travellers, and give certain places a miss!

So, there are many ways to make sure that you’re ready for the perfect city break, from booking some good flights to getting your holiday wardrobe perfect, and investing in some staple pieces. You can also look at the online reviews to avoid any nasty surprises, and save yourself a lot of time! Wherever you’re planning on going, follow these simple tips, and enjoy your city break!

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  1. Some important great tips here to remember myself!


    1. admin says:

      They’re definitely helpful!

  2. Great tips to bear in mind!

    Georgia x

  3. pixieskies says:

    I’ve spent so much time sitting around in airports at like 3am haha, it’s not so bad on the way back but arriving to your holiday absolutely knackered isn’t so fun. Such a useful post!

    Megan |

    1. admin says:

      There’s only so much time you can spend in an airport before you get super bored and want to arrive at your destination!

  4. I think city breaks are my favourite kind of holidays, I love exploring new places!
    My recent post:

    1. admin says:

      Completely agree, it’s incredible getting to see different areas of the world and cities usually have so much fancy architecture/ history and culture!

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