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How To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Skills

Social media is becoming one of the most popular communication platforms, for businesses, events and general means of socialising. Access to the internet gives every user a voice; considering there are 4.39 billion internet users it’s difficult to ensure your voice is heard louder than others. Therefore, if you are a growing brand whether this be an independent business or simply your personal blog, you’ll need to learn how to increase the volume of your voice in order to see results. This can be done in the following ways…

Attend a 2-Day SEO Course 

DIY SEO! Learn How to Boost Your Business’s Online Visibility in Just 2 Days. Registering for a Digital Marketing Course SEO Course is guaranteed to increase visits to your website and boost your business’s online visibility and reputation.

In just 2 days, you can learn SEO in London with Only Way Online’s crash course. Beginning with a broad overview of the different aspects of your organic digital marketing strategy before delving into greater detail about each component. Modules will include

  • Conducting keyword research
  • Link-building
  • Website analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Basic technical optimisation
  • Enhancing user experience
  • Topic ideation
  • Creating amazing content
  • Content analysis optimisation
  • Content marketing strategies

Register here if you’re interested. 

Read Educational Books

Despite the rise of social media, we can still fall back on our trustworthy books. Spending 30 minutes a day reading books on Digital & Social Media Marketing will help teach you a bunch of transferable skills.

Make Connections 

Making connections with individuals within the industry on sites such as LinkedIn, or through PR Agencies and networking events. You’ll learn a lot about the way things work and experience-based tips and tricks of the trade. 

Become Friendly With Insights 

Learning the ins and outs of social media insights will help you understand and judge the success of marketing strategies in the future. Enabling you to identify areas of success and improvement. An ideal way to practice is using your own social media accounts. 

Engage With Online Content 

Being engaged with content that is being published daily is important to understand the passing trends and trends in audience habits. This helps you identify what does /doesn’t work with consumers. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Create a blog or site that you can put your initial skills to use and allow continued practice regularly uploading, engaging and improving content.

Familiarise Yourself With Scheduling Tools

Learn how to use some of the common online scheduling tools e.g. Hootsuite, Buffer. This will develop your transferable skills and develop an understanding of the scheduling process. 

Build On Experience 

Seek opportunities to practice your skills and learn additional skills within a real industry.

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