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How To Get Noticed In The Creative Industry

In the past, creative subjects have received a lot of stick and disregarded as “lazy” subjects, however I find it difficult to think that people aren’t over these assumptions yet, considering the media is involved in every aspect of life, much more than we know. Especially considering thousands of graduates each year are seeking employment within the industry. This makes it increasingly hard to find employment, considering there’s a lot of competition and it is typically based on who has the best work and best experience. If you’re a school leaver or college student who wants to enter the media world no matter what specialist area, you need to start building your portfolio and yourself into a creative, competitive individual who will stand out in a crowd a thousand other applicants.

  • One of the first ways to do this is by seeking work experience, if you have any free time of school/college/uni take this free time as an opportunity to build your CV, any work experience you gain helps show an employer you have these set of skills. Likewise, it shows you have had the initiative to take time out to search and complete work experience.
  • Create your own media if it’s possible, have a side project such as blogging, creating a YouTube channel, a website, editing short films, putting short radio audio together, designing logos, creating adverts. Any of theses are great additions for your portfolio, and it’s also a great way for you to familiarise yourself more so with the softwares and the concepts behind product creation.
  • As I briefly mention above, keeping an updated portfolio will help hugely. Especially if it comes to the application process for either university or a job role, people will want to physically see the work that you have created. This can be created on a website or a physical copy, either is perfectly fine.
  • One of the other most valuable aspects of career progression, is creating and developing a faultless LinkedIn profile. Many employers particularly in the creative industry seek freelancers, interns or full-time employment through LinkedIn. For those who are unaware what LinkedIn is and how it works, it’s effectively a professional FaceBook page to make professional connections and definitely not a place to post pictures of your night out last weekend.

Luckily, Graduate Goals is a newly launched careers service to help you progress into the industry after graduating. The range of services they offer include professional job application and careers advice (students or graduates), professionally written CVs, cover letters or LinkedIn profiles, job applications and personal statements. Not only that, they offer 1-1 Career coaching and Job Search sessions with a fully qualified professional coach via Skype. Fear not, the coaches all have specialist expertise and experience of the graduate job market to really set you off on the right track.

Thankfully, these services all come at such an affordable price (£20-£60) and have super quick turn arounds of up to 24 hours. Any money you spend working with Graduate Goals is an investment into the future and could potentially get you your dream job!

Graduate Goals have helped me with my LinkedIn profile, I identified this as a weakness and allowed them to work their magic. Since then I have had a lot more connections with relevant people and appeared in many more searches than I used to! This is going to help me so much more once I graduate next year and i’m seeking full-time employment. I hear a lot that employers tend to search you on LinkedIn to see what additional information they can find, therefore you want it to stand out, again. The main way of getting noticed in the creative industry is to showcase your work/work experience and look professional.

You can use my discount code GOAL15 for 15% off Graduate Goals services over the next month!


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  1. Batmom85 says:

    Great post. I’ll have to look into that.

    1. Thank you, it’s so helpful!

  2. Great tips! I know so many people who haven’t had ‘proper’ jobs in content writing or social media but their blogs have landed them their jobs! Hoping to follow in their footsteps haha x


    1. It’s definitely such a big help!!

  3. This is a great idea! As an Illustration Graduate from the UK I can attest to all of the points raised here. Especially keeping an up to date portfolio and getting a little DIY with your own YouTube channels, shops etc. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂 Rach

    1. Thank you! They’re such simple steps that make a huge difference on a larger scale!

  4. Such a helpful post, got loads of tips! Thanks lovely x

    1. Thank you, glad it can be of use!x

  5. Great Post!

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