How To Find The Best Summer Holiday Deals

It’s that time of year, we want to jet off out of gloomy England for some Summer sun and sight-seeing. Unfortunately, the closest pick-me-up at the moment is by booking in some sun. Whether you’re a student on a limited budget or generally wanting to save money. I’ve listed below the best websites that I personally use in order to find cheap holiday deals, that way you can still have the best Summer holiday and get excited over the process of booking a holiday.

RyanAir – More often the not, RyanAir have sales on their flights from a number of UK airports. Considering they are a budget airline, a sale is an added bonus with flights sometimes being as cheap as £4.99!

The only downside is that you can easily get caught out by their luggage policy. You have to pay for luggage additionally which can work out at £25+ for hold luggage, each way! Which is likely to cost more than the flights themselves. This is where I recommend hand luggage only if possible, this is only £6 each way extra and includes priority boarding. – This is my go-to site when looking for holidays, last minute or not. I always seem to find the cheapest deals on this site, you can book flights and accommodation at the same time and pay a low deposit. I think I’ve booked my past 4 holidays through this site and I’ve got no faults at all. – If you’re looking to book your travel and hotel separately is a great site to browse for cheap accommodation. Likewise, they have a great incentive which is definitely how they keep me returning to their site. The more you book with them, the more ‘nights’ you collect on your reward card, after 10 nights you can redeem a free night.

AirBnB – Although I have never used AirBnB personally, I know a lot of people mention how cheap they’ve managed to book accommodation. Taking their word for it, I believe it’s worth a mention. I’m hoping to try it out at some point to see for myself.

Just as an extra tip, just before confirming your holiday… always look for discount codes, whether this be student discounts (if you’re eligible) or current discounts that are available. You can often find these on external discount code sites. It’s worth the search if it means you can save some money on your holiday – some of them can make a huge difference!

By being money savvy like this, you can travel on a budget more often without completely splashing the cash.

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  • ellieslondon

    I love a discount code for anything that I try to buy online, especially holidays and trips! I haven’t used Last Minute before but I love and their rewards scheme. I am going to be staying in my first Air B and B in March and I’m so excited to try it out from the traveller point of view as I have only ever hosted before! I hope I can find a good place!

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