How To Afford To See More Of the World

If you are a keen traveler like me, you might find that the distance and amount you travel is never enough. There are some proven ways that will help you get further in the world and see more of the wonderful countries and cultures out there on a budget. No matter if you are a student or make a living blogging, you will find the below methods easy to implement and great for saving money.

Self Driving

If you have a driver’s’ license, you will need to start applying for an international one, so you spend less money on transfer and transport and can get to places that are hard to reach using public transport or by foot. You can find some great deals in most countries, even if you are closer to 20 than 30. Check out Bayswater Car Rentals to find out more about the different deals available for short and long haul stays.  


In case you are not afraid of a bit of inconvenience, and are ready to compromise on your comfort, you will need to make the most out of your travels by backpacking. You might not eat hot food every day, and could queue up for the shower at a YMCA hostel, but your budget will take you much further than any other way. You can also make friends with fellow travelers, so you will be able to share your rides and experiences.

European Train Card

Is Europe on your travel list? You can explore multiple mainland countries on train, and there are some great annual European train travel deals available for young people. You will have the comfort and the convenience to stop wherever you want to, and can even track your route and trains online, so you never miss an experience. From one of the traditional German towns to the coastline of Croatia, there are plenty of great adventures waiting.


To stay in comfort, but cover greater distances and engage with locals, you can also book an AirBnB anywhere in the world. There are some fantastic locations hidden from the tourists and you can make your experience much more unique if you get first hand tips on what to see, where to eat, and how to get around.

Staying with Friends

In case you are broke but still don’t want to give up traveling, you can always ask your friends around the world, whether or not they can put you up for a few nights, You can return the favor any time, or start with offering them to stay first. You will only have to save up for your presents, your travel tickets, and your spending money, and even might get a private tour of the city or the surrounding area from your friend.

No matter if you are on a gap year or would like to see more for less, there are plenty of ways to save money on your transport and accommodation and explore new places in a unique way.

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