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Hotel Chocolat Body Scrubs

We’re all familiar with the chocolatey goodness that comes from Hotel Chocolat, but did you know they also produce body scrubs? They’re equally as delicious (to smell, of course). One of these being a coffee body scrub that smells like you’re showering yourself in coffee beans, it couldn’t get much better than that for the coffee lovers.

The rich history behind the harvesting of these cocoa beans takes us to Rabot Estate, Saint Lucia. While the Hotel Chocolat co-founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris were visiting Saint Lucia, they were inspired to develop Rabot 1745 – Hotel Chocolat’s new Beauty Brand- in an attempt to provide an essence of Saint Lucia, bottled.

Resulting in a range of luxurious cocoa inspired beauty products packed full of nourishing botanicals and tropical goodness. These include: shower gel, body scrubs, lip balm, body butter and many more.

I was kindly sent two body scrubs to try out and I’m in looove😍. The first one is a Coffee Body Scrub (280ml). Created with a blend of Arabica ground coffee and salt to lift dead skin cells and dirt by gently exfoliating the skin. Rich in antioxidants and super-hydrating, caffeine aids in tightening and smoothing skin, while the almond oil intensively nourishes.

The second one is the Sugar & Sour Orange Body Scrub (280ml). This is my favourite of the two scrubs as the citrusy smell is super refreshing and the scrub itself lathers up better. This sugar-based scrub is enriched with essential oils of orange and tangerine. Alongside nourishing ingredients such as: argan and jojoba for hydration.

These scrubs have more to offer than just fun in the shower, the containers double up as fully-functioning reusable hot drinks cups. Take these out with you and show them off #RabotOnTheGo.

Best of all, take your reusable cup to a Hotel Chocolat Café and you can get 50p off on any hot drink. If you find yourself in the Rabot1745 restaurant, you can get a free hot drink with these cups!

*Disclaimer: This post contains gifted products, but this has not influenced my thoughts/opinions on the products.

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  1. Gotta love it when companies give discount for reusable cups etc – both good on the purse and the environment! I’ve never really used body scrubs apart from the odd shower gel here and there that may contain some. May have to give this coffee scrub a go as I’m a coffee lover through and through hahahah
    Great Post! x x

  2. I adore a good body scrub and these sound divine!

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