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Hosting A Bonfire Night In

Remember, remember the fifth of November… it’s the time of year an unnecessary amount of money gets spent on fireworks. My family and I have never been the type of people to buy and set off our own fireworks, instead we usually go to a local display to see how much money they’ve just blown up with a big bang and a few sparkles. I’ve come up with the perfect bonfire night in to save you being out in the cold getting bounced off stranger to stranger trying to make your way through the crowd to the bonfire to keep warm and spending a fortune on a cheeseburger.

We’re coming into the season of celebration and get togethers, so why not have a pre-Christmas get together on Bonfire night. Invite round the perfect company, friends, family, neighbours etc. and tell them you’re having the most “lit” bonfire night in town (or just tell them you’re going to be serving plenty of food – that should also work).

Now it’d be ideal to work on the food you bribed your guests with. A good start would be Bonfire Toffee. The taste of bonfire night and too much sugar… yet it’s too delicious to resit. Bonfire toffee is quite a nostalgic taste, it always reminds me of being a child, going to the displays and munching on this dark toffee. There are so many easy recipes online, give it a go and have some fun attempting this toffee and if it turns out well, people will love you for it!

Unfortunately we can’t live off bonfire toffee, so the next best bonfire food is hot dogs (or burgers) served with fried onions. Or any other traditional Guy Fawkes Night food you usually have, for me it has always been hot dogs and mushy peas with mint sauce😍 (I would HIGHLY recommend).

Now to prep the aesthetics, as we can all agree fairy lights make anything 10x cuter… therefore the next step is to hang some fairy lights in your garden.

What’s bonfire night without your clothes and hair smelling of bonfire for the next week. Light a bonfire to keep yourselves warm and set up chairs or blankets around the fire to keep you cosy and warm sat outside.

I feel like it’s a sin to sit round a fire and not roast some marshmallows. Buy the supplies to make s’mores, simply marshmallows and chocolate digestive biscuits, how could you say no?!

Another great addition to the evening is a pack of sparklers, channel your inner child waving shapes with pretty sparklers (a much much cheaper version of fireworks if you ask me!).

All that’s left to do is look up and watch the display of fireworks going off around you. To me this is the perfect bonfire night set up, spending the night outside keeping warm by a bonfire, stuffing your face with some great company.

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  1. Mushy peas with mint sauce is one of the best things in the world! I absolutely love it to bits 😍

    1. Same here! Shocks me how many people haven’t tried it before, they’re missing out!

      1. More for us!!

  2. Omg, this looks like so much fun! I might try it and just say it’s Bonfire Night 2 😂 the food you mentioned made my tummy rumble!

    Rhianna x

    1. Haha, I wouldn’t blame you! It’s such a cute night idea whether it’s bonfire night or not, will just be less/no fireworks to look at!

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