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Holiday Snaps | Rome

Last Summer I ticked Rome off my ever long list of places to travel. Despite only going for a short 4 day break it was long enough to soak up the scenery, burn in the sweltering sun and pile on the pounds due to excess pizza consumption.

It’s fair to say Italy is one of the most picuresque places in Europe. We jam packed our days so we could see everything we wanted to during our flying visit. Luckily Rome is quite compact and we were centrally located so it made it easier visiting the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps and other monuments. We also took a trip to the Vatican City to see St. Peter’s Basilica .
Trevi Fountain was a two minute walk away from our hotel (Hotel Regno) so we visited there a few times and just before we left we went out to throw our coin in, hoping to guarantee our return. We had a fantastic street vibe where we stayed with plenty of restaurants and street artists around us, we even sat on our shelf-sized balcony in the sun with some lager watching a comedic dancer – bliss!
We had perfect weather the whole time we were there it was 30 degrees+, but the only downside to the heat is that we were constantly walking around to see the monuments so we got hotter even quicker and any water we bought was warm within 15 minutes! We kept saying that we wished our hotel had a pool because it would have been perfect to jump in after a long hot day.
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  1. Girl that looks gorgeous!!!

    1. katielauren says:

      Such a pretty place! X

  2. Beautiful pics 🙌👍 Sam xx

    1. katielauren says:

      Thank you x

  3. John Aiwone says:

    I can tell why you loved your time there. With the chance to take pics pf stunning scenery of just as stunning weather you can’t complain!
    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

  4. Great post! I love Italy, it’s my favourite country that I’ve visited. I went to Rome back in 2009 but I would love to go again now that I’m older and would be able to take it in a bit more!
    Em ~

    1. katielauren says:

      It is an amazing place!

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  6. Really awesome pictures. Really want to go to Rome!

    1. katielauren says:

      It’s such an amazing place!

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