Holiday Snaps | Mexico, Cancûn

This Summer I jetted off to Mexico to soak up the sun, sandy beaches and plenty of cocktails.

I stayed at the all-inclusive hotel Crown Paradise Club in Cancûn and could not fault the hotel in the slightest, with 7 restaurants, 2 snack bars and five swimming pools it was incredible. Considering the hotel was so big and had mini golf, a cinema, games room, evening entertainment and unlimited food we spent the majority of our 10 days relaxing and stuffing our faces. 

We did however, go on a few excursions and payed a visit to Downtown Cancûn where there are plenty of shops (including a Walmart – yes I got a bit too excited about this. 

A short walk away from our hotel was the official Cancûn sign. I was amazed how organised the queues were giving everyone the chance to take a photo with the sign without it being covered by strangers (very unlike the IAMSTERDAM sign).

On the beach outside our hotel was a section cornered off specifically for keeping turtle eggs safe. Although we sadly didn’t manage to see any baby turtles hatch and be let out at sea, on our last evening we saw a big turtle come to land and lay eggs, and the following morning we saw the lifeguard digging up the eggs. He invited us to have a closer look and hold of the eggs, they were super delicate. The one turtle laid 114 eggs, so as you can imagine, the bucket was full. This was such a great experience getting to see something like this so close up, seeing it on TV almost doesn’t feel real.

La Isla really does put any English shopping centres/outlets to shame, I mean, they even have super cute wooden shopping carts! This shopping centre had all of the popular shops including Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Pandora and Sunglasses Hut, plus a lot lot more. This is a great place to go in the morning before you just melt in the heat and need to retreat to a pool – such a hard life in Mexico!

For a highly entertaining, family friendly evening the Captain Hook Pirate Ship is your one. This is a hilarious, interactive show with a huge amount of audience engagement and real effects , you’re sat right in the middle of the action. It’s definitely something you have to experience yourself, no matter how much I attempt to (badly) describe it. Alongside the show you adventure to the top dec for a delicious BBQ buffet, real pirate style with free-flowing drinks all evening.

One night we went to Coco Bongo, I’d heard a lot about this before I went so I did my research and persuaded my family to go. For those who have never heard of it before, Coco Bongo is (arguably) the best nightlife in Cancûn, the best way to describe the experience is a mix between a nightclub and a circus performance. The show is insanely good, the only recommendations I would say is that you should be prepared to be on your feet the whole night (unless you buy the golden circle tickets), you will get pushed, shoved and trampled on, people don’t care about personal space so if you hate crowds, this might not be for you. Also, be prepared for cannon after cannon of confetti they seem to love it and set it off at every given opportunity (every 10 minutes!). Coco Bongo is also available to attend in other areas around Mexico, including Playa del Carmen.

All in all, Cancûn is such a dreamy holiday destination and I’m getting serious holiday blues writing this post. Take me back😭

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