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The majority of my Summer has been spent packing and unpacking, although this means I’ve been jetting off to some amazing places, packing will always be a tedious process. A constant stress on what to pack and how to pack it, to make my life a little easier I have Googled packing hacks numerous times in the hope it might make things a little easier. These hacks I’m about to share with you are the ones I came across and found I could easily implement them into my style of packing.

Jumping right into the deep end with my favourite hack: Using sandwich bag wraps to keep cables together. This one is so so handy, it keeps all your cables neatly wrapped so that you dont have to spend hours untangling your headphones before you can listen to music. Not only is it great for when you’re packing but it’s also a perfect hack to put to use with wires in your handbag, WINNER WINNER. 

My second one is a clothing item essential: A nude strapless bra. I’m certain I’m not the only girl in the world that could easily pack 15 different bras in order to match all my different clothes. But if you pack a nude strapless bra, it will 1. Look good under anything you’re wearing and 2. Can be used with sleeved t-shirts and non/little sleeved tops! P E R F E C T. 

For the cheapskates among us: Take an empty water bottle. Airport prices can be sky high in duty free because well where else are you meant to get your liquids from after having to ditch them at security? The answer is not WHSmiths or Boots, it’s water fountains and restaurant taps! Taking an empty water bottle in your bag and then asking someone at a restaurant to fill it up with tap water will save you a lot of money (then you can spend it on duty free instead!) likewise, most airports have water fountains available with drinking water. 

This is one I don’t use but apparently it’s a success: Rolling your clothes. I can’t see how this saves space personally, but I guess it’s another version of the scrunch or fold debate. Each to their own is all I can say!

This however is my way of saving space: Fill shoes with items. When you’re low on space in your case, items get shoved in any little gap, and shoes are one of the perfect gaps. Especially for things like travel adaptors, socks or sun cream.

Unfortunately, I have not yet come across a hack that will help me reduce my severe overpacking habit other than to buy a second suitcase and I’m truly gutted. If you have any travel hacks you swear by please let me know so I can try them out next time!!

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