Garnier Hair Mask – Review

Are hair masks really worth a shot?

Hair masks never used to cross my mind before, I automatically dismissed them assuming they would leave my hair extremely greasy, but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Looking around Boots I came across this Garnier Ultimate Blends 3-IN-1 hair mask on sale. Having not used any Garnier products on my hair before I was unsure how it would take. My hair is usually of an oily complex so I get a bit paranoid at the thought of using hair masks etc. in case it makes my hair feel even oilier.

I have only used this product as you would a conditioner; by applying it to my hair after washing it, leaving it on for a few minutes and then washing it off. From the instant of washing this mask off my hair, I could already feel the smoothness. Not to mention that it made my hair smell amazing of coconut milk and macadamia, this is an added bonus. Once my hair had dried it still felt extra smooth compared to how it usually does and felt a lot healthier and moisturised. I believe it’s the natural ingredients in this product that make it feel much healthier and more refreshing when using this product. A list of the ingredients and instructions on the bottle can be seen in the photos below.

Even after the initial wash, my hair still felt smooth and a lot less tangled on the second day of brushing and styling my hair which makes life so much easier!

Now that I’ve used this hair mask a few times, I’m excited to try exploring the alternative methods of use such as on dry hair and discover the outcome.

Potential ways of using this product include:

1. As a rinse out hair mask.

2. Apply on wet hair, without rinsing, to detangle and smooth out hair.

3. Apply on dry hair to gently smooth and tame hair.

Not only does this Garnier hair mask successfully do as advertised, it’s also super affordable too at approx. £4.99 for 300ml.

 You can buy this product online or in any local drug store. Below is a direct link to the stock on the Boots website.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Milk Dry Hair Treatment Mask 300ml – Boots


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  1. Sue Peet says:

    I’m impressed by this product. Thank you for the helpful review.

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