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Flight Bag Essentials and Flight Realities

It’s finally that time of year… SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Nothing more love and hate than packing to jet off somewhere. As tedious as planning and ironing outfits is; ultimately the excitement over being somewhere different, sipping on cocktails by the beach 24/7 or on your feet exploring amazing monuments in the city that never sleeps outweighs everything.
Here’s some of my in-flight essentials whether it be a long or short haul flight…
Passport/ Travel Documents/ ID – No explanation needed, otherwise you wouldn’t be getting past the front doors of the airport!

  • Water Bottle – Taking an empty water bottle saves you a lot of money and hassle buying a drink in duty free, there are usually water fountains in the airport or you could ask at a restaurant/cafe for them to fill it up for you. It’s so important to stay hydrated on a flight – or so all the YouTubers say!
  • Sunglasses – I see taking sunglasses as a lucky charm in hope that the weather on the flip side is extremely sunny.
  • Purse and currency – Duty Free shopping… hell yes!
  • Mints – Keeping fresh so the person sat next to you doesn’t have to sit smelling your Smokey BBQ breath.
  • Earphones – The flight could easily turn extremely boring if you’ve got nothing to listen to and the person sat next to you is either anti-social or asleep the whole way!
  • Portable Charger + Charging Cable – Couldn’t think of anything worse than having no battery on your phone when you arrive in a foreign country, you may need it for maps or hotel/ transport information. A back up battery source is so so helpful to resolve our first world issues!


  • Lip balm – Avoid your lips drying out while you’re up in the air, plus it gives you something to do applying lip balm every hour, little bit of entertainment!
  • Deodorant – Flights can make you feel a bit meh, taking some deodorant will keep you feeling refreshed until you arrive and can jump in the shower.
  • Wipes/ Hand Sanitiser – You don’t want to encounter the awkwardness asking your neighbour to move every time you get chocolatey fingers, whack out your wipes or whack on some hand sanitiser.
  • Mirror – You want to be hopping out the plane at LAX looking glam like Hannah Montana.
  • Skin Care Products – If you want to travel in true celebrity style some sheet masks and under eye hydrating masks would be perfect for your travel bag… if not just some moisturiser will do.
  • Make Up – Another great way to pass time applying your make up as the flight nears to an end so you’re ready to get on with the day once you’re off the plane.
  • Fluffy Socks – Flights can get extremely cold so some fluffy socks will keep your tootsies warm and cosy, especially on the long haul flights.
  • Scarf/ cardigan – Likewise, these are ideal to wrap up in when it gets cold on board.
  • Neck Pillow – There’s no comfortable way to sleep on a flight unless you can sleep on the dollar in first class.
  • Snacks – Flights are the perfect excuse to sit and snack, easy time passer!


  • Magazine/books – Keep traditional entertainment flowing with some paper magazines or books (or kindle if you prefer).
  • Notebook and Pen – You’re never too old to play a game of noughts and crosses or hangman no matter what century we’re living in!
  • Ipad/ Laptop – But of course 21st Century entertainment will always be a winner.
  • Phone/ Camera – You’ve got to get them Insta take off and mid-flight boomerangs some how!

By packing all of these hopefully you’ll be set and ready to have a perfect few hours up in the air followed by an amazing holiday. Here’s to the happy holiday season!
What’s one of your in-flight must haves?

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  • The diary of Ellie

    I feel like im the only person who doesnt carry stuff like lip balm, makeup or skincare purely for the fact that i have no idea what im allowed on my carry on and whether or not i need to put things in little pots and that causes me so much anxiety when it comes to airport security that i just stick to things that i know i can take! By 100% agree with other things like portable charger, earphones etc! I never think to take a neck pillow but i know how uncomfortaable flights can be, i might invest in one for when i go on holiday in july!

    • katielauren

      Most of the time I usually put my make up and skin care in my hold luggage for that exact reason. But there’s so many people that take tonnes and I don’t understand how they get away with it😂

  • John Aiwone

    Currency, in the form of a debit or prepaid travel card, is a smart onem As notoriously bad airplane food is sometimes you can’t help but give into your strong appetite and it’s something to consume.
    P.S. I love mini cheddars. Can’t go wrong with BBQ-flavoured crisps too 😉
    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

  • Cailin

    I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but I always bring ear plugs, just in case I end up on a fight with a baby or small children. It also helps to just block out background noise in general for long flights if I want to sleep.

    • katielauren

      Ear plugs are definitely a great thing to have in your flight bag! People say it helps them with their ears taking off and landing too which is handy

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