Five Things To Avoid When Wearing Makeup With Glasses

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If you’re someone who wears glasses and loves makeup you will know that it can sometimes be difficult to get your look ‘just right’. It can be seen as a bit of a pain to figure out what looks work and what don’t when you wear glasses. Of course, you will be rocking the ‘geek sheek’ look when wearing your thick-framed, square glasses from your favorite website, however, eye makeup can sometimes be a little more difficult.

To help you navigate your way through wearing makeup with glasses, here are some of the mistakes you need to avoid: 

Darker Shadows 

You should ideally save the smoky eye makeup style for when you choose to wear your contact lenses. Having too much eye shadow under your glasses can make your eyes look darker. Instead, try to choose a light, highlighting shadow color on your eyelids. If you want to have a little bit more drama and dimension, try using a medium shade color in the crease of your eyelids and blend really well. 

Eyeliner That Matches Your Frames 

If you choose to match your liner to the frames of your glasses it might appear like your eyes are blending in with your frames instead of standing out. Try, if you can, to choose a liner that is a few shades lighter than your frames unless they are a lighter color themselves. When you have black frames, use a brown, navy, or grey liner. With brown frames think about using a taupe or bronze liner. If you want a less harsh appearance, use a cotton swab to blend the liner. 

Not Doing Anything With Your Lashes

One way to make your eyes stand out when wearing glasses is to make sure you curl them. Start from the root, mid-length, and then the tip. Do this before you apply any mascara and your eyes will look wider. Some people find adding mascara to their bottom lashes tricky, however, when you wear glasses you should try to avoid it all together anyway. Having dark lashes on the bottom as well as frames and cast dark shadows on already dark areas of your face and can make you look tired. 

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Skipping Your Skin

Yes, for the most part, your eyes are the area that you need to be most wary of when wearing glasses, however, this isn’t a good enough reason to skin your skincare. If you smooth out your skin and give it an even skin tone with a lightweight foundation and concealer can really make your eyes pop and your glasses look great. 

Forgetting About Your Brows 

When you wear glasses, it can be really easy to focus on what’s behind the frames and forget other areas of your face. It’s a good idea to keep your eyebrows maintained, they are your natural frames for your eyes and deserve to be looked after. Brush through and tweeze your brows, you could even tint them or colour them if you want an extra emphasis. 

When you are thinking about wearing makeup and glasses together these five areas should help you to put on your best face while looking great in your glasses.

What do you do to get the perfect look with your frames? Please share some ideas in the comments below.

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  1. You look so good in that photograph! The one sad thing about me always wearing glasses is that I can never wear falsies 😂 or rather, I’m finding it rather hard to find falsies that are nice and voluminous that don’t hit my lenses.

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

    1. admin says:

      Oh yes! That is such a struggle, I know if I want to wear false eyelashes I have to compromise and wear contact lenses!

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