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Femme Luxe First Impressions

Femme Luxe is one of those brands you see all over your Insta Feed with gorgeous girls modelling gorgeous clothes, but I’ve never found myself actually buying any of the items. I’m always so unsure if they would actually suit my basic fashion sense or simply make me look live a try-hard fashion stylist.

The time came to actually give it a go and try and extend my style pallet. Therefore I ordered a range of items to get a good feel for the type of items Femme Luxe sell and here’s a summary of my first impressions from the style and material to accuracy of size.

Black ‘YeSaintWest’ Slogan Crop Top £5.99

The first item I chose is a basic slogan tee, it’s impossible to go wrong with slogan tees, right? I was so so pleasantly surprised with the material this tee is made from, I assumed it would be normal cotton but instead its a super soft cotton that feels insanely comfy.

One thing to note is that this is advertised as a ‘crop top’ but it is actually a full length tee that can be made cropped by working your own magic. I prefer this as you can get the best of both worlds depending on how you want to style the outfit. In my case i’ve tied the top up slightly and paired with blue ripped jeans, black accessories and a cream fur coat, perfect for a typical day of uni or running errands. At a super affordable price of £5.99 I’ll definitely be buying more basic tees from Femme Luxe it’s basically on par with Primark – but better quality and (arguably) more fashionable.

Black Crop Loungewear Set £18.99

Taking comfort to the next level I ordered a loungewear set, something I wouldn’t usually order as I typically mix and match my loungewear pieces (I’m not organised enough to have matching cosy clothes – comfort being the most important factor!). 

I feel a little bit of love/ hate with this set, I love how it looks and see how it could make a cute lazy-day outfit. Although I find the top is a little tight, I’m usually a size 8 so ordered a small (8/10), and the neckline feels a little too tight to be an off the shoulder top and it is super super cropped (sitting just below my bra line), I think this would be been perfect in the next size up. However, the joggers fit perfectly and are super comfy – I’ve already worn them through and through.

I’d definately be willing to buy more loungewear sets and two piece sets because you just can’t EVER have enough comfy clothes and I do agree that the sets look pretty stylish. 

White Polka Dot Mesh Sleeve Crop Top £14.99

This top is so so stunning I’m obsessed with it! I’ve never been one for tops with very ‘out there’ sleeves so I felt a bit risky ordering this and I’m so glad I did (note to self: take risks more often!). 

In terms of quality, it couldn’t be any better. It looks like a super expensive item and the mesh sleeves are actually super soft, being mesh I had expected them to feel really irritating and itching on my arms It honestly couldn’t feel more comfortable!

I’ve already worn this top for a date night and it’s also perfect for cocktails with the girls because it’s so so beautiful!

Silver Metallic Plunge Wrap Bodysuit £5.99

I’ve got so many bodysuits in my wardrobe I thought it was only right to try a Femme Luxe bodysuit as I’m sure all girls can agree, they all fit differently! As someone who is petite I find sometimes the body length is way too long, but this one fits perfectly. The bottom half of the bodysuit is plain black material which I much prefer and it feels comfortable to wear. Not to mention, it has adjustable straps too (which is a godsend) making it so easy to suit your body type and look perfect. 

I’ve come to realise Femme Luxe have a HUGE range of beautiful going out tops. These are all perfect as for Xmas nights out or celebrating NYE, if November/December are not the months to dress up as a human glitter ball then I’ve no idea when is! 

As a general overview of Femme Luxe, I am impressed and will be ordering form there again! Some clothes suit my style more than others but those that do are all stunning, feel great and fit almost perfectly. I’m so impressed with the super affordable pricing across the site, I’m all for a good bargain!

To me, Femme Luxe seem to focus the majority of their stock on fancy going out outfits, which is not a bad thing! They do have day-to-day items just a slightly smaller collection. But if you’re looking for a night out outfit… Femme Luxe has you sorted! 

I’d 100% recommend looking online at Femme Luxe and ordering something if you like it!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains gifted items.

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