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It’s quite common to chose a foundation and stick to that foundation for the next 5 years to avoid any awkward orange days or pale days while trying to match your shade perfectly. I’m a sucker for reviews, I love to hear what other people think are the best products before I try anything new. Today’s blog post has been written by the make up guru Jay informing you on the face products must-haves.

When it comes to makeup, I’m sure everyone struggles to find the best products to use especially when you’ve never tried them before, I know I sure do! So I’m here today to tell you about my favourite makeup must haves that I swear by. So let’s get started!

Face Products

I have very dry skin, so when it comes to foundation I dread trying out new products as I never know which ones will not co-operate with my skin. I have tried many foundation products from- Drugstore to High-end. My two favourite foundations are both Nars Radiant Foundation and Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. The Radiant Foundation is my by far the best foundation if you are more into the mattes than dewy, it is also good for summer as it is sweat proof! With the Sheer Glow I love this as it is a dewy/sheer foundation and is very light on your face, it is good for people with dry skin so you wouldn’t need to worry about dry patches on your face!

So with concealer, I love my medium to full coverage. I have tried many concealers over the years and so far I have fallen in love with the Tarte Concealer. The only thing I don’t like about this is that it gives flashback but other than that it’s one of my favourite concealers and I always, always go back to it. It’s one of those where you buy a different concealer to try out but then you always end up going back to it as you feel like there’s no other concealer that compares to your favourite, you know what I mean?

I have spoke about the Ben Nye Banana Powder A LOT in my blogs and honestly it’s by far my favourite powder to use for baking! The powder is very fine so when you bake your concealer it doesn’t look cakey at all!

These are my 3 favourite highlighters that I swear by! They are all very pigmented, but the amrezy it is quite sheer so you have to pack it on a few times to get that pop of colour. The Champagne Pop was the first highlighter I used out of the three, I then tried out the Laura Geller to see what was the hype about and tbh I would always repurchase this highlighter because of how pigmented it is and how inexpensive it is! 

I love, love, LOVE a bronzed makeup look, I have used many bronzer products such as Mac, Nars, NYX and I would say that the Benefit Hoola is my go to bronzer, it is the perfect shade so it’s not too light or too dark and doesn’t give you a muddy look! When I use the Mac bronzer I do sometimes feel like it makes me look muddy because of how dark it is. 

With Primer I always use the Mac Prep and Prime Primer, I used to use the MilaniPrimer but I felt like it never really did anything, I then used the L’Oreal Primer but again I felt that my foundation wouldn’t stay on all day so then I tried out the Mac Primer and I’ve now used it for the past 3 years! When it comes to fixing sprays, I used to used the Revolution Spray but because of how sensitive my skin is, I used to get a burning sensation on my face so I had to completely stop using it. I then went to try out the Gerrad Cosmetics Fixing Spray and I just fell in love with it, I love the smell of it too, it’s AMAZING! I also use the Mac Fixing Spray before I put on my makeup and after I put on my makeup. Again, those two will always be my ‘go back too’ makeup product!

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  1. How funny – NARS sheer glow and Benefit hoola bronzer are like two of my absolute favourite face products as well xx

    1. Jay Cosmetics says:

      It’s amazing isn’t it!

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