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Easily Avoid Contactless Fraud

The other week I watched a Facebook video showing an example of contactless card fraud and it panicked me. A guy used a wireless card reader and placed it near the back pocket of a customer browsing the store, since his wallet was in his pocket the card reader was close enough to notice the pending transaction and complete payment, worrying right?! It’s extremely shocking how easily accessible contactless cards are, it’s like we’re asking to be scammed. So when I was offered a Mortar-X RFID/NFC Blocking Card I jumped at the opportunity, before I even knew truly how it worked.

Admittedly, I didn’t even know that these blocking cards even existed beforehand, so it was super interesting to find out about what they do and how they work. Luckily Mortar-X explain how they work… with terminology I actually understand, woo! When the card is placed in a purse or wallet it will automatically remove energy from the scanners to create a disruptive field and stop the card from responding to the card reader and completing payment.

By taking this simple step purchasing a Mortar-X Blocking Card and putting it in your purse or wallet you could save yourself from being scammed out of a lot of money. This is such a worthwhile investment spending £6.95 on this card could save you a hell of a lot in the future!  I doubt it will be much longer before the £30 contactless limit is lifted.

Students are vulnerable as a whole since they’re expected to be a lot more careless with their money and looking after their cards. Considering they have loans, overdrafts and bursaries it makes the perfect target. Checking your online banking app once a week for suspicious outgoings is not enough anymore, we need to step it up a level with blocking cards.

Especially on a night out, clubs are super closed environments making it easy for anyone to take advantage of you. It’s also dangerous to take a contactless card on a night out considering it’s easy access to buying 50 shots without realising how much money you are spending – be money wise and be fraud wise!

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  1. I work in retail and had someone use contactless on a £55 payment which was really weird but apparently it went through so maybe the limit is lifted now?? But this is such a good investment, i admit i probably wouldnt buy one but for people who are serious about not wanting to get scammed it is good!

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